4 Signs If a Guy Likes You



Men are more expressive when they like and want to approach the woman they want. Sometimes, women are often less responsive and wonder why he is getting better and caring.

To reassure your feelings, here are the signs when he has fallen in love with you:

Often Around You

you like a woman, a man will try to find out where you are going and suddenly he is in the same place as you. Not only occasionally find him near you but it often happens.

Making time for you

will make time for the woman of his dreams. He is willing to be with you all day, even though on that day he has a meeting schedule. Men are willing to take you shopping all day or to the salon so they can always be near you.

He became more open

He tells the routine that he has gone through today or his weekend plans and various life stories, it is a sign that he likes you and allows you to enter into his life further.

Get close to your friends

Men find out who your friends are and try to get to know them too. 

This not only wants to build a good image of your friends but he also wants to find out as much information about you as possible from your friends.

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