7 Stupid Actions Guys Do When Captivating Girls

When in love, logic often doesn't work. All actions look stupid when measured by logic. But the urge to captivate the woman's dream is greater, so stupid actions become legitimate.

Here are some of the stupid actions of men when capturing the love of their ideal woman, as discussed by AskMen.

Confidence made up

The only thing worse than a shy guy at a party is a shy guy trying to act like a cool guy. Even if you are shy, you will look attractive. If you try too hard to look confident assuming that women are more attracted to confident men, then you are underestimating women's abilities. They can judge a man from many angles, not just an attitude of confidence.

Wearing a tight t-shirt

If you have enough muscle to show off, you'll look dashing in a tight t-shirt. There's no need to assume that women would be happy to date a burly man. They do need to be protected, not with muscles, but with your love.


If you can't put it together properly, lies will turn out to be dangerous, more than just blushing cheeks from being caught lying.

Cooking even though you're not good at cooking

Women are amazed by men who can cook, even household chores can be a great aphrodisiac. If you understand it but are not good at processing food, then don't offer a cooking date to get her attention.

Inviting you to an art exhibition you don't understand

The idea of ​​the perfect date is to engage in an activity that appeals to both parties. In a situation, sometimes a man goes so far from his comfort zone to attract the attention of the woman of his dreams. For example, inviting the woman to attend a painting exhibition even though she is not interested and does not understand art at all.

Dress like a band boy

You stare at a Jon Bon Jovi poster on your bedroom wall and daydream about the idea of ​​looking like a boy in a band to make a good impression on the woman of your dreams. Not the look that women are looking for, but how your ability to understand music can even be an interesting topic of conversation while with him.

Drink too much

Some men feel confident after drinking alcohol, which is then used as capital to attract women's attention. Really? What if what happened was far from expectations; You fell on the floor of the discotheque, even spilled vomit, until the security guards chased you away? The woman of your dreams will definitely not glance.

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