Reasons Why Men Are Afraid of Commitment


Most men want to be around a woman he really wants all the time. But, when it comes time to commit to a partner, men generally try to avoid the situation for various reasons.

Here's why men are afraid to commit:

– He doesn't want to be "tied up"

For most men, getting into a more serious relationship means not being able to do what they were able to do before. This probably means he doesn't want anyone else to limit him. Or maybe, they still want to have a special relationship with another woman.

– There is another woman in his mind

Some men don't want to commit to an official relationship because they are still dreaming of another woman they really want.

– He is afraid of failure

Some men are afraid to commit because they may have certain issues. One of them is the fear that the relationship will not work out the way it did before.

– Had a bad experience from a previous relationship

Some men may be afraid of bonding with women because they have had some bad experiences in previous romances. They are traumatized so they tend to avoid commitments so as not to get into the same situation again.

– He's not really in a relationship

Some guys don't want commitment just because they're not really in the relationship. They only think about the physical aspects of women. They don't want to get into his emotional side.

– The doesn't want to be pressured

Asking him to commit can sometimes make a guy uncomfortable. Or the invitation seemed like a compulsion.

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