Steps to financial freedom


Financial freedom is something that everyone wants. 

Because being financially free, we don't need to work again because all our needs have been met both from savings and passive income.

Financial freedom

Everyone has their own financial freedom. 

Some want to be financially free at a young age, some even want to be financially free at an old age. 

Of course, this is adjusted to the target of each individual who undergoes it. 

It's just that some people are often wrong in setting the steps to financial freedom.

How to manage finances to be financially free as quickly as possible? 

The following tips will hopefully make you better at managing finances.

Knowing the financial condition

The first thing in achieving the goal of being financially free is to study your current financial condition. 

What is the amount of routine income each month, how much is the routine monthly expenses, and how much is the amount of routine expenses incurred for donations or sudden needs. 

Record each condition in several posts according to income and expenditure. 

The allocation is also a minimum of 10 percent to invest regularly every month.

Setting goals and life goals

The goal in question is to see how your condition will be in the next 10 years with the regular income you have. 

By setting goals, your expenses will be more organized and can be allocated to the maximum. 

This aims to avoid spending that is not in accordance with the plan so that the money you have can be maximized to enlarge assets.

Never owe

If you still have unpaid debts, pay off the debt immediately. 

Then get used to not being in debt to others because it will cause its own burden and hinder you in getting to financial freedom. 

In addition, people who are in debt tend to underestimate. 

Surely you don't want your debt to suddenly become big?

Have another source of income

Other sources of income do not have to work in an office or work with many rules. 

Income here is to help you increase your income. 

You can find additional income by becoming a freelancer, offering services, or a side business that will not interfere with your main income.


Investment is an obligation for everyone. 

Investing can reduce inflation against the value of the rupiah in the future. 

On the other hand, if you can understand investment instruments, you can use them as additional income.

So, have you thought about a plan to be financially free? 

Don't forget to enrich yourself with knowledge, especially investing the neck up.

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