6 Dangers of overeating that need to be wary of


You have to be aware of the dangers of eating until you are full, because it causes problems for our health, one of which is the cause of weight gain.

People often go crazy eating a food because they are in a very hungry stomach or because the food they eat tastes very good.

So they are difficult to control to stop eating these foods. 

Even though everything in excess is not good, not least in terms of eating food.

For that, you should stop eating food if our body has given a sign, namely when a feeling of fullness appears. 

Do not let the body be left full which is bad for the body.

Maintaining health is very important, it helps you to be wiser in consuming food and don't let your body feel full.

To be more sure not to overeat until you are full, here are some of the effects of satiety that don't just cause weight gain.

The Danger overeating

The bad effects of consuming too much food to feel full not only make the stomach feel full, but can also pose a danger to health.

There is a burning feeling in the stomach

A full stomach condition can make stomach acid go up into the esophagus which can eventually cause a burning feeling.

Not only that, a burning sensation in the stomach can also arise from eating foods that contain high fat. Side effects that can occur is heartburn.

Joint pain

The next danger of satiety is that it can cause bone and joint pain. 

However, some people may not realize and instead associate this condition with other things.

Joint and bone pain can occur when weight gain is caused by eating too much food. 

The lower back and hips are two parts of the body that usually feel sore.

Affects sleep hours

The benefits of getting enough sleep for health and beauty are extraordinary, but you can experience the opposite if you don't pay attention to the hours of sleep every day.

It turns out that eating too much to the point of fullness can affect our sleeping hours. Do you know it?

Fullness can make sleep and hunger hormone levels fluctuate throughout the day. 

When the sleep cycle is disturbed, you can experience insomnia or difficulty sleeping well at night.

Inhibits the digestive process

The danger of satiety that you should be aware of next is that it can have a negative impact on our body's digestive system.

Digestive enzymes are only available in limited quantities, if you eat a lot of food, your body needs to digest it for a long time.

When you are often full, this slow digestive process can make the food you eat stay in the stomach longer and can turn into fat.

Keep on burping

Have you ever noticed, when someone is full maybe they will burp several times?

Not full of food, but drinks, especially soft drinks. 

Your stomach will feel discomfort from the increased amount of gas and this may cause you to continue to burp.

Disturbing the condition of other organs

When we overeat until we are full, the size of the stomach can expand beyond its normal size because it adjusts to the amount of food we consume.

Well, when the stomach is filled with a lot of food, it can push other organs around it to cause discomfort.

These are some of the things that can happen when you are full. 

For that, both pregnant women, small children, or adults, avoid eating food until full because it can be dangerous.

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