6 Signs He's Your Soul mate

Whenever your relationship with a man starts to a serious stage, it may be in the mind, whether he will be your life companion later. There are some clues that can actually signal to you about the continuity of the relationship with him. 

Some of them may seem silly, but they may have a point. Just look at some of them: 


His face is similar to yours

Believe it or not, some married couples look similar and this may not happen by chance. A study conducted by psychologists from the University of St. Andrews found that a person will tend to be attracted to others who have facial features like themselves. Meanwhile, other studies show that married couples often have similarities in their physical character. For example, the shape of the neck or the length of the middle finger. 


You can accept all its shortcomings

No one is perfect. But, if you often secretly frown at the sight of him biting a fingernail or grumbling when he's serious about watching a football game and ignoring you, be careful. Especially if you have time to think about changing your behavior. Maybe that guy isn't the right one for you. If you're willing to accept all the flaws, whatever they may be, then you're ready to spend the rest of life together for good. 


Only he can make you laugh

Romance experts always state, a successful relationship is one that is tinged with cheerfulness. Starting from exchanging jokes, jokes, or just a short story that can make you laugh. However, if you tend to keep up with him, or he makes you cry more often than vice versa, it's best to forget the idea that he's the prince of your dreams. 


Your friends love it and vice versa

If he can be friends with your best friend and vice versa, this is a good sign. Especially if your friends say that men are good for you. Because, usually friends better understand what is good for your life and happiness. They can judge men more objectively than you who are in a state of love. 


You can argue healthily with him

If there is a couple who never fight, it is an oddity. Obviously, arguing doesn't mean the two of you don't fit in. However, if you're fighting in a bad way (for example, throwing things at each other), that's a bad sign. The characteristics of a healthy argument are when you and he can discuss without having to hurl insults or insults, or corner each other. The life together that you will be with later, will obviously require a lot of compromise. If from now on you can resolve differences of opinion in a good way, this will be a big capital for the future. 


Your intuition says 

When it comes to a man, you suddenly feel so sure he is the right candidate to build a household. Intuition or instinct can sometimes play a lot in romance. This has been proven by researchers from University College London, who found that areas responsible for intuition are seen actively in couples who are intoxicated by love. 

According to experts, when you feel that he is the right life friend, it is a form of expression of your subconscious. Your subconscious mind has been gathering the experiences you've had with other men, sorting them, and finding the sort of benchmarks that determine what kind of man is right for you. Well, once everything comes to the surface, you just have to believe it.

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