A Motivation for Those of You Who Have Felt the Pain of Being Betrayed and Abandoned


Photo by Philip Justin Mamelic from Pexels via https://www.pexels.com

Being left by a loved one is painful, leaving scars that are very difficult to heal, but that does not mean it cannot be removed, it is not an easy thing to eliminate, but if you are able to open your mind there is a gift from God for you behind the pain you feel. 

The thing you need to realize is that God just wants to tell you he's not the right person. This is the reason why when your loved one leaves you God is like just silently looking at you without any pity let alone wanting to help you. At that time you must have thought he was so evil as to let it happen.  

But wait, before you think negatively of Him, have you ever thought that it's all that's best for you? God knows what's right and wrong for you.  

God will give you what you need, not what you want. If he leaves you, it means there is no more affection in his heart for you. He's the wrong guy. He's not the right person to be a companion for the rest of your life. 

So if God already knows he's the wrong person why did He meet me with him? Look, in this world there is no coincidence. There will be many people who come and go in your life. 

Of the many people who meet you, there will be someone who comes to give you a life lesson that will make you a more mature and wise person including in terms of romance. Before you meet the right people, you will be reunited with the wrong people first. It's these people who teach you the lesson of what it's like to be abandoned, betrayed by your partner.  

Through that pain God implies a message for you. God wants to teach you how it hurts, so that one day when you've met the "right" one, you'll never hurt him, let alone think about leaving him. Because you already know how it feels to be left by someone you love. In addition, in this way you will understand how to maintain and appreciate the person who becomes your life partner in the future. 

Never try to be someone else, stay who you are because the right person will come, stay with you and will accept all your shortcomings. 

He will remove the pain in your heart, take care of it with great sincerity and replace it with happiness. 

Stay patient, never forget to always pray, trust all your life including your soul mate's business to Him and keep trying. One day, at the right time He will meet you with your soul mate, who has been patiently awaiting your arrival.

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