A Person Character Is Seen from His Hair


As many people say hair is a human crown especially for women. This can be justified, because without hair we seem to lack something that makes us appear less than optimal. It can be like a king who appears without a crown. And God also created hair to always grow even though it is shaved as often as possible. This means that hair does mean a lot to a person's appearance. 

The person with neat hair will radiate a good aura around him. Likewise, well-groomed hair shows the characteristics of people who have a diligent personality in taking care of themselves and accustomed to healthy living. Hair can also indicate a person's state of mind, because disheveled hair tends to be the same as his state of mind. Well this is what will be discussed in this article how hair can also show the character of a person.

1. Bald or deliberately bald hair

Describes a man who is sexy and happy with practical things. They are generally trustworthy because they are not convoluted. If it happens to a woman, it means that the woman is depressed or wants to get more attention from those around her.   


 2. Very straight hair

Shows someone who has a free person, always follows his own desires, a strong personality, does not like compromise, and is proud of himself. In choosing a partner usually they will be very picky and prefer their partner does not interfere with his pleasure to please himself.   


3. Fine hair is thin like a baby

Show people who are productive in spawning creative ideas. But if they get a rather difficult challenge, they will quickly despair and live in their own imagination.

4. Hair that is always neat and well organized

Show people who are efficient and responsible. They are good confidant because they are full of positive thoughts. Unfortunately they are a little conservative. 


5. Hair whose bangs fall forward 

Show a rational person. But unfortunately they are easily carried away in association so must be careful in choosing friends so as not to get carried away to the wrong path. 

6. Hair that is back. 

Showing a stubborn person, especially to the family, likes to complain if things do not go his way and will be the main provocateur in everything he does not like. 


7. Hair that grows rarely above the forehead 

Show people who like to be selfish. And they have a careful calculation of the profit and loss of what they have done. 


8. Hair is smooth and not stiff 

Show a person who is unstable and susceptible to disease. They tend to lack confidence. Usually they have a face that is beautiful or at least attractive to the opposite sex. 


9. Hair is rare and thin like corn hair

Show people who are stubborn, wasteful and consumptive. They usually follow the development of fashion so as to make them very fashionable. For women who have hair like this is usually famous for its juteknya. 


10. Very stiff hair 

Show a brave, decisive, and unyielding person. But their thinking is a bit colossal. 


11. Bushy and fertile hair 

Show people who are good at communicating and resourceful, but they are rather unpredictable thinking. And their personal will be heavily influenced by the upbringing of the family. If the education is bad then they are people who are hard to believe and vice versa.

12. Very black hair 

Show a person who is unyielding and liked by people. Usually they are good at taking care of themselves and have a very high attractiveness to the opposite sex. But they find it difficult to judge someone. 


13. Hair that is black faded 

Show sincere personal but their minds are easy to change. They are quick to trust someone so they are often hurt by people who take advantage of their sincerity. 


14. Shiny black hair 

Show people who like to follow the development of science. They have broad insights. In romance they usually tend to be too possessive towards their partner, completely inverted from the insights they have. 


15. Hair is black and somewhat curly

Show a person who is intelligent but easily influenced. They usually tend to be somewhat individualist. 


16. Black, short, curly hair 

Showing people who like to prioritize violence in solving problems, their emotions are very unstable. They have a strong desire to succeed but often they fail because of their unstable emotions. So for those who have hair like this must be more careful in solving a problem in order to succeed. When it comes to sex, they're good at it. 


17. Black, long, thick, and very fine hair

If he's a man then he's the kind of guy who's soft on the outside but firm on the inside, cold-hearted, moderate, and appreciative of association. If she is a woman her personality is moderate, follows reason, does not make a point of love, and can be trusted.

18. Brown, long, and smooth hair 

If he is a man then generally they like sports, stubborn, flexible outlook, love unique things and like to hang out with women. If she's a woman then they're the kind who are very family-loving, gentle, soulful, and sensitive. 


19. Blonde hair 

If men he has talent in a certain field, philosophical, religious, but in terms of health they are somewhat weak. If she is almost the same woman as the extra man is that they really appreciate her hair, and consider the hair really crown for her. 


20. Hair that is often painted with different colors 

Show a free person does not like to be restrained, dynamic, likes new things, adventurous, and indifferent. If any of those hair colors are maintained long enough then that's the most dominant trait. 


21. Hair that has a lot of pigtails or accessories 

Show a person who is willing to spend his time fighting for something he wants. For this sake he often overlooks other things that may be more important. 


22. Hair in braids or tied 

Show a person who is open and liked by many people. 

Where's your hair? Everything that has been described above each has its own advantages and disadvantages and this article is only a prophecy, depending on how you respond to the results of this article and hopefully it can be a guideline for you to correct yourself in order to do better than already.

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