How to Serve Customers Who Complain, It's Important to Do This!



Remember, customers are your source of income. They are the reason why your business can run and survive. Without them, it's impossible for you to grow your business. Well, that's why how to serve customers becomes a very important thing. 

Compared to a few years earlier, it's now easier for people to voice their shopping experiences, good or bad, thanks to the internet and social media platforms. 

And for all customer-centered businesses, no matter how good we treat customers, or as efficient as we are in running a business, the name of customer complaints must be a daily mandatory food. 


Well, here are 5 tips on how to serve customers who complain and must be known to every entrepreneur: 


 1.Stay Calm 

Waduh, how can stay cool and calm, even though we are facing customers who are no longer satisfied, whether it is because of our service or our products? Well, this one point is very difficult to do, but make sure never face customers who complain personally. Because, the more you are consumed by emotions, upset, lost control and participated in screaming, the results will not end beautifully, guys. So, make sure you face a problem like this with a cool head and a calm heart. 


2.Listen to them

In many cases, when customers come to you because of a problem, they just need an ear to listen. Even if their complaints seem trivial to us, but for customers, it has a very big meaning. Active listening techniques can be used to deal with customer complaints. Listen and pay close attention to what they say. Not infrequently the solution is just listening to them and giving them a chance to vent. 


3.Be Kind 

The trick so that you can relieve anger and not frustration is to be kind and understanding. Tell them that you really appreciate what they are complaining about. Let's say that you also want to understand their feelings. Show how much you care and are ready to listen to everything they have to say. Then you find a solution to their complaints. 


4.Admit the problem

Eits, don't get me wrong, guys. Acknowledging a problem doesn't mean you agree with what the customer is saying, you know. This step shows that you understand and respect them. Paraphrase what your customers are saying and repeat to them, so they know that you're really listening and telling them what's going on. Some phrases you can use, such as, "I understand if this must be frustrating," or "If I understand correctly," and continue by relaying their paraphrased complaints. 


5.Apologize and Thank You 

Ignoring self-esteem and apologizing for the bad experience that customers feel is hard to do, but this will actually make you a winner in the game. In addition, gratitude may also seem counterintuitive, but by doing so, you've successfully handled their problems and shown that you have a serious desire to improve your business. The combination of sorry and thank you has superpowers that are the best way of serving customers. 


Those are 5 ways to serve customer complaints that are quite effective in dealing with customer complaints. Remember that everyone must have complained about something. We are too. Maybe the name is misspelled on your favorite coffee packaging, the color of the shoes that don't fit the picture in the olshop, too long waiting in line at the checkout, and many other things. And the name of handling customer complaints everywhere must not be fun. But as long as it is done in a professional way, you will get the best results.

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