10 Ways to Make Harmonious family

Harmonious family

 A harmonious family is the dream of every couple. When we step into the gate of marriage, we imagine a very pleasant life with someone we love very much. Unfortunately, marriage not only has a fun side, but also requires sacrifice.

The sacrifices for the sake of sacrifices that we undergo from time to time throughout the age of marriage often cause fatigue. There are times when we feel very tired and let the ego take over us. Then quarrel after quarrel began to color the marriage. Agreement is a difficult thing to achieve. Until unknowingly we have put marriage right on the brink.

Harmonious family

At this point, many couples choose to give up and accept separation as the best way, ignoring the children who are victims of their parents' egos. However, one thing we must know, critical marriages do not have to end in a divorce. With a strong commitment, we can save a marriage that is on the brink and create the desired harmonious family. 

1. Love

The love between husband and wife is the main factor that both of them must have if they want a happy family. Feelings of affection between the two will give birth to tenderness and good behavior to the couple. So this love is one of the important factors for family happiness.

2. Trust

The second responsibility for husband and wife is trust. This is a factor that is no less important than point number one above. This attitude of trust will give birth to trust. Mutual trust is also the basis for a safe, calming and certainly happy relationship for couples.

3. Establish Communication

Establishing communication is also the most important thing to create a harmonious family. Because without good communication with your partner, you will not know and understand your partner. Don't forget to suppress the ego in yourself, and start greeting him. It's hard at first, but effective at bringing hearts together. Without communication we will not be able to touch his heart and understand the problems that bind him.

4. There Needs to be Jealousy

Jealousy is the nature of all human beings. Jealousy exists as a sign of love. But keep in mind that jealousy is prohibited and some is recommended. In relation to a jealous husband and wife relationship, what is recommended is in order to keep the partner from being involved in bad deeds that can destroy the husband and wife relationship.A hadith narrated by Imam Bukhari reads, "Verily Allah is jealous and a believer is also jealous, and jealous."Allah is when one of His servants does something that is forbidden to him."

5. Cooperation

Husband and wife should be a unit that has the same goal. Both need to always cultivate the spirit of togetherness in all things. This requires good cooperation between the two. Please help to become a better person day by day.

This spirit of cooperation will further enhance the union between wives. Until if everything is usually done together, the husband and wife relationship will be even more sticky.

6. Apologize in advance

Self-righteousness and blaming your partner are the easiest ways to end a marriage. We can devise all kinds of excuses to justify our attitude. But you know, your partner also has a million reasons to maintain his ego. So, for the sake of a commitment to create a harmonious family, why not if we apologize first?

Apologizing does not lower our position in his eyes, on the contrary, will break the ice that has formed previously.

7. Improve Yourself

We cannot expect other people to change, without first changing ourselves. Just as our partners are imperfect, we are far from perfect. It may be that bad attitudes and habits that we have and are often not aware of are one of the causes that trigger disputes. 

8. Avoid Bad Thoughts

Unfounded accusations are often the trigger for a quarrel in the household. Avoiding prejudice to partners will make us relax in living life and make us focus on fostering a harmonious family.

9. Prioritize Children's Happiness

Children can be a source of happiness, but they can also be a source of strife for their parents. Nevertheless, it is the responsibility and obligation of parents to provide a calm, peaceful and pleasant life for their children. When the word divorce is on the tip of the tongue, it's good for us to think again for the sake of the future of our children. Don't children always become victims in a divorce? Remember the impact of divorce which often causes problems in the process of child development.

10. Pray

Getting closer to the Creator and praying, is one way to save a marriage and form a harmonious family. Only by having faith and relying on God's strength, we are able to survive and live a good married life.


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