Facts in the world: a real socket stone


Facts in the world: a real socket stone

The Williams Enigmalith, Mysterious Objects Allegedly Alien Relics In 1998, a hiker named John J.

Williams noticed a strange metal bulge on the ground. He dug it up and found a strange looking rock.

After cleaning it, it turned out that the stone had strange electrical components attached to it, such as a power outlet.The stone has become a well-known mystery among enthusiasts

UFOs. This stone has appeared in UFO Magazine and the Fortean Times, a well-known magazine devoted to mysterious phenomena. Williams, an electrical engineer, said the electronic components embedded in the rock had not been glued or welded to the granite.

In fact, the stone may have formed around the device. Many believe that Williams . stone The Enigmalith is a hoax, Williams also refuses to crack (but is willing to sell it for $500,000).

The stone is also similar to the hot stone that is usually used to keep tropical lizard pets in cages. However, geological analysis appears to have determined that the rock is around 100,000 years old, which (if true) would mean the inside of the device could not have been man-made.



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