I Love You, But I Love My God More

But I Love My God More

 Sorry, if you feel I'm drifting away. That's because I no longer want to be involved in a relationship called dating. Maybe you're angry, and maybe you're annoyed when I tell you to fix yourself first before you say love. Maybe you think I'm self-righteous saying that to you. That's not what I mean, I really never had thoughts like yours. Because I am here as well as you, I am just a sinful woman, who often neglects to follow the commands and teachings of my Lord. But I want to continue to turn into one of the women loved by the Prophets and Apostles. And I also want to be one of the women who are jealous of the angels in Heaven. I hope someday you can understand why I did that. And hopefully someday you can understand my purpose.

            You remember the meaning of a verse in the Quran. Which reads: "Good women for good men, and bad women for bad men. And vice versa." And I want to be one of those good women. And you know? I also want you to be one of those good guys. I just want us to improve each other. You don't need to spit out your feelings here and there with the aim that I can reciprocate those feelings, and you don't need to write long sentences on all your social media to represent your feelings so that everyone who reads it knows that you really love me. I really don't want to be treated like that. What is the meaning of your words in writing if our Lord does not bless them. What does it all mean if you just want me to be your girlfriend. That's not the status I want to get from you.

If you really love me, you can approach our Lord first. Tell him all your feelings. Say the words that you wrote at length on social media at that time to him. And isn't that better. So only you and him know. Although I don't know what conversation you are talking about, but I believe that someday God will convey it to me and if we continue to be istikhomah I also believe that God will bring you to me in a more sacred relationship and status. Even if that's not the case, believe in God, we know better who is the best match for each of us. Even if it's not me who is the good woman for you, there are definitely women out there who are better than me. Likewise, if you are not that good man for me, surely there are men out there who are better than you. Think positive about him. Because he knows better everything that his people do not know.

            If you are worried about who your future mate will be. So look in the mirror, take a good look at yourself. Are you good? Do you deserve a good woman now? And are you ready if God brings your soul mate right now? While your life is now arguably you are still confused about where to take your family later. And you actually still doubt if God brings him right now.

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