It's Important Have Diversification Investment Portfolio

It's Important Have Diversification Investment Portfolio


Every investor will certainly expect a profit on every investment he makes. Be it gold investment, stocks through the Us Stock Market or local, and so on. This is one of the reasons why many investors then flock to invest their funds in a field that is considered the most profitable.

In fact, every investment must contain risks, even if one type of investment is experiencing an increase, the risk of the investment will still be a loss. That is why, it is highly recommended that investors act wisely by having a diversified investment portfolio.

What is Investment Portfolio Diversification?

Investment portfolio diversification is a technique that aims to reduce investment risk by dividing investment funds into various fields. For example, you divide 25% of the funds to invest in stocks, 30% to invest in gold, 30% to invest in mutual funds, and 15% to invest in businesses (for example, giving MSMEs capital and so on).

This technique will save you when one of the investments you make has decreased, causing losses. Just imagine if 100% of your investment funds were invested in one stock, and suddenly that stock experienced a drastic decline. Then all the funds will just disappear.

However, with the diversification of the investment portfolio, when an investment fails, you can get a replacement from the return on other investments.

It's just that, you also have to be very wise when determining the investment field as this diversification. Don't be afraid to lose. you are sharing too much. For example, up to 10 investment fields so that the investment value in each field is very small. If this is the case, you also have the potential to lose money due to failing to take advantage of the opportunity to get a big return from one of the investment fields.

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Important Things When Determining Portfolio Diversification Investation

Before you diversify risk, it's a good idea to understand the following:

Risk Profile

What are your types or characteristics as an investor? Are conservatives who tend to be satisfied with receiving stable returns from low risk, moderate types who hope to get high returns but are not ready with high risks or aggressive types who want to get high returns and are ready with high risks as well. Understanding your risk profile can help you reduce potential losses beyond your tolerance limit when making investments.

Investment Fund Ratio

As already mentioned, in this technique you have to divide your investment funds in various fields. Adjust the distribution ratio according to your risk profile. In addition, even though you are ready to face various possibilities by diversifying your investment portfolio, you still have to analyze the returns and risks of the investment field you choose.

So, ready to start dividing your investment? Good luck!


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