Many things can be learned from the culture in Japan. One of them is the pattern of parenting that is usually done in the land of sakura. It is well known that people in Japan have a high work ethic, discipline, and good manners.

Of course all these things do not just come, but are born from small things in everyday life, one of which comes from how a person is raised and educated.Well, here are some things that can be imitated from Japanese family-style parenting.

Appreciating Children's Feelings

Japanese parents value and care about their children's feelings and emotions. Children are also taught to understand the feelings of others.

One of the basic parenting concepts of Japanese parents is that, before the child is 5 years old, the child is allowed to do whatever they want. In other cultures this may be considered inappropriate. But for the Japanese, this principle aims to make children have a positive self-image.

Main Responsibilities Children Parent

Many Japanese people think that children should not be sent to kindergarten until they turn 3 years old.

Parents should not ask for help from grandparents or baby sitters to take care of the baby. Parents should take the time to care for their children directly. This is to instill the value that the family consists of people who will always support and protect each other.

Educating Children with Exemplary

Parents in Japan are not used to pampering their children and educating their children with just words or advice. They immediately set an example and show how to do things right. This is done because according to them the behavior of parents is a reflection of the attitude of their children in the future.

Mother Close to Child

In Japan, the relationship between mother and child is very strong. Usually they sleep in one room and do a lot of activities together. Even in ancient times, mothers in Japan often carried their babies on their backs while doing housework.

Teaching Independence and Discipline

Children as early as possible are accustomed to doing all activities that involve themselves independently in a regular and disciplined manner. Starting from tidying up toys, putting on clothes, eating alone, to toilet training, so that as a child gets older, he is used to doing all these things himself without needing help.

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