4 Types of Romantic Relationships With Couple

4 Types of Romantic Relationships With Couple

 Relationship, a word that has a myriad of different meanings and meanings.What do you think you know about the relationship?

Who can be in a relationship?

All of your answers are not wrong. But in reality, there is not only one relationship label, but different and many kinds. Everyone even has a different definition.

Please refer to our explanation regarding the types of romantic relationships with the following couples :

1. Dating

This type of relationship is usually chosen by most teenagers. Where, they purposely to spend time together. The goal is for both partners to get to know each other before committing to a more serious relationship.

In this type, you will usually have fun and enjoy romance together.

This type of relationship is taken to be able to see the character of the partner. Do you and your partner have great potential for a long-term relationship or not?

It could also be, choosing a dating relationship as a shutter for fun without any more serious ties in the future, also known as casual dating.

Perhaps, most of the people reject this dating relationship. Because, in this relationship there is no commitment bound between the two.

Not a few also the term 'dating' is used as a definite and committed relationship.

However, there are also those who use this term as a step to see whether or not there is a potential relationship between them.

2. A committed relationship

If examined further and in depth, the context of a romantic relationship in a partner must have a high commitment.

A relationship is said to have a commitment that is where the two people who are in love agree to continue the story until the future.

When someone decides to be in a committed relationship, they will continue to spend time together. Both partners will continue to try and work hard to develop their relationship.

Usually, this kind of relationship is known as a couple's relationship or a relationship that has status, that the two people have a love bond.

In addition to courtship, committed relationships are also shown in married couples. A more exclusive romantic relationship with the official partner.

When someone chooses to get married, it means they have committed to open up to each other.

Not only that, they also have vowed to live the relationship together and form a better bond legally.

3. Casual relationship

A casual or casual relationship is a relationship between two or more people who date each other. Usually they will spend time together. There is also this couple who have been involved in romantic activities, but do not expect more status.

No wonder, if this type of relationship is often carried out by them in a fairly short time situation. Whether the relationship has been exclusive or not, they don't have a long commitment.

When a person is in a relationship with another person, the main factor that underlies the bond is a sense of liking and attraction to each other.

Even so, it can't be seen that this kind of relationship may not have a strong emotional connection.

Generally, a person will be in a relationship when they have the same feelings, like and are attracted to each other.

From an emotional point of view, a casual relationship is unlikely to be passionate. They look quite normal in their relationship and have no desire to deepen their feelings.

Meanwhile, for people who have a committed type of relationship, they will see each other as partners for life.

This is the difference between a relaxed and committed relationship. In this type of relationship, they tend not to be integrated into their partner's life.

They also do not want to call their relationship as a couple or dating.

It may seem silly, but in reality this type of relationship happens a lot, Iho.

4. Situational

A situational relationship is a bond between two people that occurs as a result of negligence.

If it may be mentioned, this type of relationship is not much different in quality from a committed relationship, casual relationship, or even dating relationship.

Despite having almost the same type of relationship, in this situational relationship they don't want to put a label on their bond.

More or less, this type of relationship is mutual love but no status.

There are also those who prefer this type of relationship because they don't want too much drama or other complications.

One reason is that they are still figuring out what they want from each other.

Not least, situational relationships are formed because they are too afraid to talk about DTR (Define The Relationships).

Generally, these relationships are formed due to the emotional involvement of a friend with its benefits.

However, situational relationships do not make use of the explicit feelings and commitment of a committed relationship.

Maybe, for some people a relationship without a label will not get good results.

But there are also those who think, if the relationship without a label there is nothing wrong. Especially for those who have differences of opinion and the assumption of a short relationship, so that it is not a big problem


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