Weird But Real, Birds It's Arrested and Imprisoned by Police


Weird But Real, Birds It's Arrested and Imprisoned by Police

 Humans being arrested by the police have become commonplace. A person is usually arrested by the police if that person is caught committing an unlawful act. Once arrested and found guilty, the person will then be imprisoned or even sentenced to death.

But it turns out that humans are not the only creatures who have been arrested by the police due to law violations. Even birds have had such a fate. The following are 5 examples of cases where birds were arrested by the police for various reasons.

Arrested on Accused of Spying

India and Pakistan are two neighboring countries that have less than good relations. The issue of the disputed Kashmir region is the cause.

Kashmir is a mountainous region in the north that is both claimed by India and Pakistan as part of its territory. Because of the fierce dispute over the Kashmir region, the two countries in their history have been involved in several wars.

The fierce rivalry between India and Pakistan then becomes the reason why things that normally seem harmless will immediately be responded to by local officials with high vigilance.

In 2015, a 14 year old boy living in the area Indian Kashmir found a dove whose body was affixed with a telephone number and written in Urdu (the main language of Pakistan's population).

The boy then caught the bird and handed it over to the authorities. Police then took the bird to a veterinary hospital for examination before holding it in captivity. Police suspect that this pigeon is a kind of spy bird.

As soon as the news of catching this bird circulated to the public, netizens Pakistan has ridiculed the paranoia of the Indian police. They made various jokes and memes along with the hashtags #PigeonVsIndia and #lfiWereAPigeon. In one of the memes, netizens uploaded a picture of a pigeon-headed soldier saying that this is the Pakistani army that is most feared by India.

Arrested Because His Employer Was Arrested by Police

In 2019, a man was arrested in the city of Utrecht, Netherlands, on charges of robbery in a shopping mall. At first glance, the news appears to be no different from ordinary criminal news.
What makes this story so different from other crime stories is that the man is not the only person arrested by the police. The police also arrested a parakeet because when this man was arrested, the bird was seen perching on the man's shoulder. The bird is said to be the man's pet.

Since the police did not have a cage to confine the bird, the police decided to keep this bird in a detention cell. The police also put bread in the bird's cage to eat.

The police then uploaded a photo of this bird along with its arrest information on their Instagram account. The photo is affixed with inscriptions in English and Dutch.

As soon as the photo was uploaded, netizens spontaneously made witty comments. Their focus is on the bread that the birds eat because they think birds should not be fed bread.
This bird itself in the end did not serve his prison status in the long term. Because once the master has finished being interrogated, the bird is allowed to go home with its owner.

Arrested for Saying Too Much Harsh

One more news about bird catching that took place in India In 2015, police in the state of Maharashtra arrested a parrot named Hariyal. The arrest was made because Hariyal liked to say harsh words to an old woman named Janabai.
According to the testimony of local residents, Hariyal is a pet belonging to Janabai's adopted son, Suresh Sakharkar. Janabai and Suresh have a bad relationship as both are involved in a land dispute. Because of the heat of the relationship between the two, Suresh often hurled harsh words at Janabai.

Suresh then used his pet to vent his frustration. Since 2013, Suresh reportedly deliberately trained Hariyal so that the bird could say harsh words to Janabai.

Unable to stand the parrot's behavior, Janabai decided to go to the police station. Janabai said that the police had to arrest the cockatoo so that it would not be insulting him again.

Police received Janabai's report. However, when Hariyal was taken to the police station, Hariyal did not say anything harsh at all. As a middle ground, the police then donated Hariyal to the local forestry agency so that the bird could spend the rest of its life in the wild without disturbing Janabai.

Arrested for Being a Minor
Drug dealer

The case in India is not the only case where parrots have had to deal with the authorities. In Brazil, local police arrested parrots because the bird was blamed for their failure to catch drug dealers.

The parrot referred to here is indeed a pet bird for a drug dealer couple. They keep these birds not only to accompany them at home, but also to be a kind of living alarm.

The couple trained their parrots to scream loudly whenever the police came to their residence.
The trick went smoothly. In 2019, when a police officer came to his employer's house, the bird suddenly shouted "Mama, there are police".
As a result of the bird's actions, the employer's pair managed to escape just before the police caught them, while the bird was left alone.
Failing to catch their employer, the police took their parrot to the police station. Arriving there, the bird did not make a sound.

Because throwing this bird into prison was clearly not the right thing to do, the police then handed this parrot to the local zoo. There, the bird will be trained to fly for 3 months so that it can then live freely in the wild.

Arrested and Killed for Accused
Creating Monsters

From earlier, we discussed cases of catching birds that occurred in the modern era. In this case, the events take place in the Middle Ages. Precisely in 1474 in the city of Basel, Switzerland.
In the event in question, at first there was a hen whose shape resembled a rooster. One day, the chicken suddenly released an egg.

When the owner of the chicken found out, he was shocked and immediately took him to the local law enforcement office.

Seeing this, maybe some of you will immediately frown. Why did this chicken get brought to the police station just because of the egg problem?
Investigate a calibaration, European society at that time believed that if a rooster lays an egg, the egg will hatch into a dangerous dragon monster called a basilisk.

On that basis, the chicken that laid the egg was found guilty and then killed by being burned alive. When the chicken was executed, local residents gathered around the location to witness the execution process.

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