There's a fake apple, which one? Take on this exciting viral challenge

 Not everything is as it seems... Have you ever been scammed? It has happened to all of us! With things of great or small value, but scams aren't just about selling an object linking property they don't own, but also and unfortunately, lots of people out there who seem to be one thing but are actually quite another.

Knowing this, we are going to talk about something else that we can easily confuse with something real and that is computer generated images; This is more and more similar to the reality that we perceive through the sense of sight. Objects that are part of everyday life today can be remade by digital artists thanks to a simple combination of commands. Here's an example: Which apple do you think is fake?

There's a fake apple, which one? Take on this exciting viral challenge

There's a fake apple, which one? Take on this exciting viral challenge

With the necessary knowledge in this area, it is possible to recreate complex structures such as buildings or items that are part of everyday life such as fruits and vegetables. Thanks to these technological advances, more and more film studios are using what is known as CGI, to recreate all kinds of images.

So, of the three apples, which one do you think is real? Will it be 1, 2, or 3? Many believe that they are able to distinguish images of real products from those that have been created digitally, are you one of them? Can you tell which one is a fake apple out of the three, just by looking at it? We will see later!

It was Carolina Jiménez who challenged her followers on her Twitter account to test whether they were able to notice at a glance which apple failed. All three look natural, which one are you betting on? On the Twitter account where this challenge appeared, there were a total of 1785 votes and only 34.6% decided to vote for the real fake apple, which is number 1. How are you? is

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