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Every woman wants to be a good mother for her baby. Mothers are also often referred to as the first role model for children whose ideally all behavior is worthy of being a role model. Children are the most valuable investment for parents who in the future will be a source of pride.

Please see how to be a good mother below.

Smart Steps to Be a Good Mother

That said, educating children in today's era is more difficult with various negative impacts of such rapid technological advances.

This statement is not completely wrong, but also not 100% correct because every era has its own challenges.

The demand to apply modern education patterns often confuses parents today. Actually, over time, Parent Pinters will find their own pattern of parenting methods that are most suitable for your children.

But for your reference, here are some ways to be a good and wise mother that you can apply.

 1. Show affection

Trudi Grifin, LPC, MS, a licensed counselor from America insists that the most important thing is love and compassion. This means parents make sure their children feel that they are loved.

Don't be afraid to express this as often as possible with actions such as kisses, hugs, and words regardless of their age.

Who would have thought, feeling loved sincerely turns out to make children grow up with better quality.

 This includes being more self-confident, showing good behavior, achieving good academic performance, and being closer to their parents. 

2. Parent's Presence

The presence of parents, especially mothers, is very important for early childhood. Before starting to apply the tips for being a successful mother in educating children, make sure you are present for them physically and mentally.

Establish real interactions with your little ones by spending time together, telling stories, playing, and other activities. This activity with mothers will continue to be remembered until they are adults.

Parent Pinters should also stay away from gadgets when they are with their little ones. Even if you think they are still small, children can feel that their parents' attention is not fully focused on them.

 3. Make Clear Rules

Every parent has different ideals for managing their household, so you need to discuss this with your partner. After reaching an agreement you also need to explain the rules that must be obeyed at home to the children.

Don't forget to give consequences if someone breaks the rules.

As a follow-up, write down rules that are known to all family members and post them in easily visible places in the house. Use sentences with a positive tone, for example: Cultivate Dispose of Trash in its Place.", instead of "Don't litter!"

 4. Implementing Consequences for Anyone Who Breaks the Rules

In disciplining children, Parent Pinters must apply consequences consistently. Of course you are not advised to be cruel to children who break the rules. In applying the punishment must be done with a cool head and compassion.

The way to be a less grumpy mom is to focus on her faults, not her personality or character. Avoid judgmental words, such as: "You brat, liar, careless, ... etc."

Such words can hurt the child's heart and may not be forgotten for a lifetime. Adjust the consequences or punishments according to their age and stage of development, for example a few minutes of time out or helping with household chores.

 5. Avoid Giving Children Too Busy

With the reason for the future of children, parents today often enroll their children in various activities outside of school. 

This is not wrong but you also need to consider the interests, talents, and conditions of the child.
In addition, parents also need to provide free time for children to play, relax, and rest physically and psychologically. Parents who overload their children with activities they don't like can trigger stress at an early age.

6. Listening to Children

Listening to children is a way to be a good mother for a boy or girl, which is perhaps the simplest according to Arnda.

In fact, building this habit can be a foundation that allows parents to accompany their children at every important stage of their lives.

Listen to children seriously without doing anything else even though women generally feel multitasking. After the child is satisfied with the story, give feedback so that your children feel appreciated.

Instilling this sincerity from a young age will make your baby always come to you every time he wants to express his feelings.

7. Show Support

One of the most important people in the eyes of a child is his mother, so you have the opportunity to make a child's life meaningful.

The trick is to support their talents and interests even if they don't match your expectations.

If the teenager formed an amateur band with his school friends, give a positive response about their music.

If your child is more interested in science and science, provide a book series or encyclopedia with a theme that interests him.

Of course, children's hobbies can be temporary, but they will always remember that Parent Pinters always support them. That way they will get used to exploring things freely and confidently. This is because you never judge him.

In order to make efforts to be a good mother for a girl or boy even more perfect, Parent Pinters need to prepare their children's future financially.

This is the most important form of support for their talents and aspirations. You can do this for example by registering for education insurance.


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