business idea: make cat clothes for profit

make cat clothes for profit

 Cats, these sweet and pampered fluffy animals are among the most popular pets. Not only in Indonesia,Usa,France but all over the world. From children to adults, many love it.

Because of their adorable and funny behavior, there are so many accessories that can add to that cute impression. One of them that is popular lately is a special cat clothes with various models.

In fact, there are also clothes for cosplay with many choices of characters such as doctor clothes, elementary school, police, spiderman, batman, superman and many more. In fact, these clothes are a promising business opportunity and provide relatively high profits.

The reason for the cat clothing business is that there are so many fans

If asked, how come this cat's clothes are selling well and attracting many people? Of course, the first reason is because cat owners like to dress up their pets to make them look cute. Then, often cat associations hold fashion contests specifically for cats, thus requiring the owner to prepare various costumes for the cat.

In fact, according to the confession of one of the business actors who make cat clothes, he said. When before Eid yesterday he was overwhelmed by orders from cat owners. Apparently, because of their love for their pets, many owners also want to buy new clothes with the Eid theme for them.

In fact, the owners of these cats are willing to reach into their pockets deep enough to dress their pets to make them look adorable. It is quite unique indeed when we look at the behavior of cat lovers, because they always put their anabul (fur chicks) first.

Digital marketing

For the marketing of cat clothes, of course, there are many, ranging from offline to online. You can choose which method you want to use or apply both. If you want to offer offline, of course, like it or not, you need to go one by one to specialized pet supply shops and work with them to sell them.

If it's online, you definitely have to promote it through social networks like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and others. Then register with existing e-commerce, for example Shopee, Tokopedia and many others. However, if you are confident enough, you can go live on TikTok or Instagram to promote it.

When talking about turnover, of course it will not always be the same and depends on conditions. However, a cat clothes entrepreneur said that the turnover he gets in a month is around 5 million rupiah. Of the 5 million, the net profit can reach 30% – 50% alone, but of course this depends on the level of complexity of the clothes made and the materials.

Tips for making cat clothes and how to sell

To make cat clothes itself can be said to be quite challenging. Moreover, the size of the cat's body is very varied, ranging from small to large sizes, because cats themselves have different body sizes even though they are the same type.

So, you have to be smart in making it. The first thing that can be done is to buy samples of animal clothing at a pet shop, this is only a rough idea or initial pattern, because it will be quite difficult to measure the body of the cat one by one. You can buy several different sizes.

Next, of course, buy materials that are comfortable to use for cats. We recommend choosing clothing materials that are not too stiff and flexible. This is of course to make it easier for the cat to move when wearing these clothes. Don't forget to also prepare accessories that will be attached to clothes.

Next, you prepare the newspaper to illustrate the pattern. If the pattern is ready, the next step is definitely sewing. You can sew manually or use a sewing machine. Just adjust it to your ability, while sewing make sure the seams are not too loose so they don't come off easily.

Even though this outfit is only for animals, you still have to be careful when doing it. Remember, there are owners who are willing to pay dearly for these clothes. So, you still have to work professionally so that customers are always satisfied and come back to buy. When the clothes have been sewn, the next step is to add accessories to make the cat clothes more beautiful and adorable.

For the sales system itself, you can use the pre-order method or the owner must order it in advance. So, you can provide some photos of the cat's clothing model, so the owner can choose the type of clothing. Then, it would be better if the cat owner could provide the exact size of the pet's body.

The next way is that you sell clothes that are already finished. So all you have to do is post photos of these clothes on e-commerce or social media that you use to sell. For the price itself, of course, it is adjusted to the total of the purchase of raw materials, the length of work and the size of the clothes.


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