Tips for Overcoming Nervous During a Meeting Presentation

Tips for Overcoming Nervous During a Meeting Presentation

 Presentation, not everyone likes this activity. Even if not forced, there are some people who try hard to avoid it. However, when you have entered the world of work, this sometimes becomes something that cannot be avoided. For example, when the company you work for makes a reservation for a hotel meeting package for the launch of its newest product and you are asked for a presentation. Or when you have to represent the company making presentations to clients.

To help relieve your nervousness, there are several things you can do:

  • Get enough rest

Thinking about the next day's presentation will inevitably leave you feeling nervous, panicky, and having trouble sleeping. However, either way, you should still get enough rest. Sleeping too late will potentially make you wake up late and panic before starting your presentation. It could even be, you don't have time to have breakfast first, which of course will further cloud your mood.

  • Arrive on time
Right on time here means not right at the time of presentation, but some time before the presentation starts. It's better if you come about 30 minutes before the presentation. So you can prepare materials on site, try various support equipment to make sure they work perfectly, and so on. Also avoid arriving too early because it will make you tired of waiting and getting nervous while waiting for the presentation time to arrive.

  • Understand the presentation material
Do not memorize the presentation material, but understand the entire material. When you memorize it, it will look very stiff and inflexible. People who hear you will definitely feel bored during the presentation. Especially, if everything you memorize and present is on the presentation slides. By understanding the material, you can be more flexible and even interact with the audience as well.

  • Record important points on paper
Even though you already understand it, it's not impossible that you forget some important points due to nervousness. So, prepare for this possibility by jotting down some important points on a small piece of paper. It doesn't matter if you read a little during the presentation, as long as you don't do it throughout the presentation.

So, ready to shake off the nerves and head for the presentation?

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