Tricks to start saving for early retirement

Tricks to start saving for early retirement

 A lot of money and enjoying life without having to work is everyone's dream. It's just that to earn money, we have to work. Money will not come by itself without our efforts.

Many of us must feel bored in our daily work. Feeling tired, and also bored with the work we do. Hope you want to retire soon and enjoy life but are still too afraid of financial conditions in the future.

Early retirement is not impossible for us to do. With careful planning, we can decide to retire early and enjoy life in our retirement. The most important thing to prepare is a pension fund so that we don't have to worry about future financial conditions when we have a pension fund that is sufficient for life in retirement. Then how do we save to prepare for retirement? Let's see the trick.

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Trik mulai menabung untuk pensiun dini

  • Set an early retirement target

To start it all we have to determine the target when we will retire early. With the target, we will be more motivated to realize the target for early retirement that we have planned.

  • Set up special savings

Prepare special savings to save for retirement funds. Separate retirement savings from regular savings so that we can focus more on saving. By separating retirement savings from regular savings, we can ensure that our retirement funds are not disrupted if we have an urgent need. Saving our retirement funds into time deposits can also be one of the right choices so that we can really focus on saving.

  • Pay off all debts

To achieve financial freedom when we retire early, we must be free from debt or credit. Immediately settle debts and credit so that we can focus on saving for retirement. For long-term debt types such as home mortgages, make sure the funds for monthly payments are safe so as not to interfere with the savings allotment.

  • Good financial management

Make sure we can manage finances well with proper planning. Manage all income and expenses wisely. We must be able to distinguish between wants and needs for each expenditure that will be made. Learn to keep a simple lifestyle and don't be easily influenced by people in shopping for something so you don't get caught up in big expenses. With good financial management, we can focus on saving so that the dream of early retirement can be realized properly.

  • Discipline of saving

What we have to do is save discipline. With the discipline of saving, the targets that we have set can be realized immediately. Never be tempted to buy this and that just because you see the nominal savings that have started to grow. Focus on saving as a provision when we retire early.

  • Looking for additional income

To further increase the amount of savings, we can get additional income. We can do a side job that suits our abilities or even we can upgrade our skills and abilities to expand the possibilities to get additional income. There are many things we can do to get additional income without having to interfere with our main work. The easiest thing is that we can find additional income that matches our hobbies and passions. We can open an online shop that sells various knick-knacks that match our hobbies, become a dropshipper, or if we want to take advantage of the skills we have, we can do freelance work that is in line with the skills we have to increase our income.

  • Invest

To further equip retirement and also to increase the amount of savings, we can start investing. There are many types of investments that can be made with various levels of profit and risk. Make sure we study and choose the investment that best suits us. Never be tempted to invest with large profits in a very fast term so that we avoid scams and fraudulent investments that can actually endanger the finances that we have planned. We can try to invest in gold which can be used as savings because its value will continue to rise every year. In addition, we can invest in mutual funds, stocks, bonds or other investment instruments by continuing to study all the possibilities and risks.

  • Build passive income

Like investing, we can build passive income that can support our finances until we enter retirement later. With patience we can create a web or blog and even content and take advantage of all the skills we have to be able to get passive income from adsense. We can also make passive income by renting out property if we have sufficient funds to build it. Renting a boarding house, renting out or even renting out a business space can be passive income which is also quite promising and keeps our finances productive even though we are already entering retirement.

Those are some tricks that we can do to start saving for retirement. With careful planning and discipline in saving, we can realize an early retirement plan and start enjoying life without having to be burdened with finances.


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