The Mystery of the Oil Man, Typical Malaysian ghost Likes to terrorize women


The Mystery of the Oil Man, Typical Malaysian ghost Likes to terrorize women

Malaysia is Indonesia's neighbor to the north. Like USA, Malaysia also has its own story about supernatural beings. Of the many creatures, one of the most famous is the oil man.

When you see his name at a glance, there may be some of you who actually feel amused rather than afraid. The reason is by looking at his name, then instantly we will imagine a person whose whole body is filled with oil like someone who has just fallen.

Although the name sounds funny, the appearance of the figure of an oil person is far from funny. According to people's testimonies, the oil people have the appearance of a burly man who only wears underwear or doesn't even wear clothes at all. His eyes are said to emit a yellow, red, or black glow.

As the name implies, oil people do have their whole body covered with oil. What makes oil people different is that the oil all over their bodies is not the result of smearing, but comes from all over their bodies. Because his body is full of oil, the oil person also has a jet black human-like appearance.

The oil man is said to have oil all over his body to make it difficult to see at night. The oil in the body of an oil person also makes his figure very difficult to catch every time he is caught by humans.The scary things about oil people don't stop there.

Oil people are also said to be able to perform various kinds of magic such as hypnotizing people, disappearing suddenly, making someone lose their voice, to crawling on walls like insects.

Where Do Oil People Come From?

It is not known for certain the origin of the oil people. Some claim that the oil man was originally a black magician who made a pact with an evil spirit. According to another version, the oil person is a normal human being who gradually turns into a monster-like figure due to being controlled by his own lust.

Oil people themselves are often told as creatures with high sexual desires. Because every time an oil person appeared, he would look for young girls who were still virgins to rape. Thanks to his abilities, oil people can carry out their actions freely and then leave before being caught by others.

Even though the oil guy is a dangerous figure, the girls who are threatened with being the victim of the oil guy can still fight back.

Friends of according to local people's beliefs, oil people can be driven out if the girl sleeps in clothes that are wet with sweat. The goal is to give the impression that the girl is no longer a virgin and has just had sex with another man. Oil people are also said to be reluctant to disturb women if the woman puts men's clothes in a dirty condition beside her bed. Tie the left thumb with a piece of batik cloth reportedly also made people reluctant to approach the oil.

So that the oil people cannot enter the house at all, the owner of the house is advised to tightly lock every door and window, recite the exorcist prayer, and light incense.

Fighting Oil People With People's Services

The Mystery of the Oil Man, Typical Malaysian ghost Likes to terrorize women

If the terror of the oil people still hasn't stopped, local residents can also hire the services of traditional shamans or bomohs. This method is usually only taken as a last resort because hiring a bomoh service costs a lot of money.

When the bomoh arrived at the location where the oil people appeared, the bomoh would prepare his kris and ritual objects. The women in the village then donated flowers and other ritual materials to the bomoh.

If everything is ready, then the ritual of expelling the oil people can begin. Bomoh will light a bonfire while burning flowers and spices. The bomboh will then lift a chain with a silver dagger at the end.

According to bomoh's claim, if the kris swings in a certain direction, it means that an evil spirit is hiding not far from there. The bomboh will then throw more spices into the fire so that the fire gets bigger. At the same time, the bomoh will recite a prayer so that the evil spirit that is there will leave immediately.

After holding this ritual, the bomoh will repeat the same ritual in local houses with a shorter duration of the ritual.Local residents are also asked to soak in water that has been mixed with flowers and lime. While women who are still virgins will be given a special object as a kind of amulet to ward off evil spirits.

When the Oil People Cause a Upheaval

The Mystery of the Oil Man, Typical Malaysian ghost Likes to terrorize women

For those who do not believe in the existence of supernatural beings, it is easy for them to say that the oil people are just superstition. But the fact is that in 2012, the oil people caused a stir following the news of the sighting of the oil people in Laksamana Village.

What was even more shocking was that the oil people who appeared in the village were not one, but two! According to the testimony of an eyewitness, one of the oil people was tall and muscular, while the other oil man was thin and had curly hair.

Still, according to the eyewitness's testimony, at first he heard a loud snorting sound like the snorting of a cow at 2 o'clock in the morning. A strange friend when he checked the source of the sound, he saw a jet black human figure crawling like a giant spider.
The mysterious figure then crawled up the stairs until it reached the roof and then just disappeared. Seeing this scene, he suddenly felt horrified and instantly remembered the story of the oil man. He also asked local residents to be vigilant because in the village, there are many young girls who are still virgins and are vulnerable to being easy targets for oil people.

Almost Became a Victim of the Oil People

The Mystery of the Oil Man, Typical Malaysian ghost Likes to terrorize women

Another testimony report came from a local resident named Muna who admitted that he almost became a victim of the oil people. At first, he felt a slippery hand choking him.

In this state of panic, Muna immediately remembered her father's advice. So, Muna spontaneously took a knife that was nearby and then stabbed it at the mysterious figure. Not long after, Muna heard a groan of pain.

Muna immediately shouted loudly so that her father then woke up and came to his room. The creature had gone out of Muna's room. But when Muna's father looked at the moon, he saw a shadowy figure resembling a flying dog.

When Muna's father and local residents inspected Muna's father's house, they found a wooden plank on the floor that had shifted. They also found bloodstains on the knife used by Muna to escape.It is not known how the fate of the oil man will continue.

Likewise about whether he really managed to get a victim after that. What is clear is that whenever oil people appear in rural Malaysia, their appearance will always be followed by panic and even vigilante action by the citizens.

Like his dark and mysterious figure, revealing the true identity of an oil person is like walking in a dark room with no light at all. Full of mysteries and riddles that may never be answered in the end.


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