Understanding Better Planning Marketing

Understanding Better Planning Marketing

A marketing plan or marketing plan is a document that describes the formula for the company's marketing steps. In the marketing plan you will find some information regarding all the efforts and techniques that will be carried out by the company regarding the marketing function and the achievement of technical marketing objectives in detail.

The purpose of preparing a marketing plan is to provide clarity on the steps that will be taken in detail to be able to achieve the marketing targets that have been determined for a period.

Usually, marketing plans are made in a certain period such as yearly, five years, quarterly to monthly. Each long period will be broken down into short periods so that each plan is in accordance with every current situation that occurs. Because it could be that in just one year, several different situations occur that demand a different marketing approach.

For example, in a period of one year, there is a period when the month of Ramadan occurs which requires a special approach with a religious theme, then the holiday theme in the middle of the year or the theme of the turn of the year which also requires a different approach.

Marketing planning is important to be prepared so that companies can carry out marketing strategies more regularly, planned and have gone through adequate research. So that it is more appropriate to target a predetermined target.

In addition to this planning, it can also be a parameter of the success of a marketing system in one period which can be a mirror of the marketing plan in the next period.

So what do you need to include in a marketing plan?

  • Product Information

What products will be included in the marketing program, information related to the features of each product including strengths, weaknesses, competitive maps and marketing and sales problems faced in the previous period.

  • Current market situation

What are the current conditions of the company that can affect sales conditions and marketing achievements. The current condition of the market and things that are emerging are trending in the market. For example, the emergence of a new competitor, the situation leading up to a moment such as Eid or the end of the year, emerging trends that can affect market tastes, certain issues that can affect purchasing power and buying interest, such as the problem of the economic crisis, which can discourage consumers from buying.

  • Marketing budget

The financing aspect of marketing activities is clearly the most important aspect in a marketing plan. Because the budget will be the standard limit of all planning. The value of the budget will determine how far the marketing steps will be developed, including determining the priority level of the entire program.

  • Marketing strategy

What are the steps that will be taken as an effort to deal with the latest emerging market constraints, problems and situations, including to achieve pre-determined marketing targets. Usually a marketing strategy consists of several types of stages, such as a macro strategy that describes an outline plan of marketing and is followed by a micro plan that describes each step of a marketing strategy such as advertising, promotional events, offers, pricing and discounts, term policies, online marketing strategies, content marketing preparation and so on.

  • Marketing target

This is the final aspect of marketing planning. Here it is determined what is the target of the marketing plan in the period concerned. The description of the target will help marketers see the purpose of the strategic steps they are carrying out as well as help them see the effectiveness of the marketing efforts and planning strategies that have been carried out.

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From the picture above, you can see how important a marketing plan is for a company. As important as a business plan, in fact a marketing plan is one of the most important parts of a business plan.

And to be able to develop a marketing plan,You need to prepare some data, namely the results of the evaluation of the results of the marketing plan of the previous period, an updated market situation analysis, problems that marketers might face in the period concerned, marketing funds and sales targets along with revenue targets from sales in the relevant period, as well as several priorities in the marketing function. who want priority.

This is an overview of marketing planning.This marketing plan can be very complex in large-scale companies where the product is marketed more broadly and sometimes also includes a variety of product types.


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