Where's the mistake? 'God' level visual puzzle!

 Get ready to take your observation skills to the next level with this test! And we also warn you that you will lose track of time. It wasn't without reason that it was said that this challenge was 'god' level, but of course that didn't mean that it was impossible to solve.

This puzzle was originally created and distributed by Bright Side and although it was originally set as the maximum time to complete 7 seconds, we made the decision to add 3 more seconds. It would be nice if we gave you more time, wouldn't it? Umm..No! 10 seconds will and no more… you can, believe in yourself as much as we do.

It should be added that this type of reading may seem like a waste of time, but although we must be selective with the information we let into our minds, usually, reading is not a waste of time, because reading can serve not only to distract and entertain. but it is even more important to abandon some kind of teaching and information and in cases like this to train the brain.

In the chart you can see a child is very focused on what he is reading, surrounded by books and in the company of pets.

Everything seems in order, but in reality something is completely out of place! It's actually a big mistake and isn't that hard for a good observer to notice. Fix attention you on the picture, 10 seconds will start running from the moment you do it. Here he is.

here's a challenge for those of you who like to solve god-level visual puzzles

Do you already have it?

Do you have time left? Or quite the opposite? If you don't manage to find the fault, it can be a comfort that you're not the only one to be left out of the small group of netizens who do. But if You overcame the challenge, congratulations!

And welcome to the club, feel good even if you take more than 10. Below, the solution. Thank you for participating!

here's a challenge for those of you who like to solve god-level visual puzzles

You can observe errors in the clock that the numbers are not in the right order

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