5 Signs You Addicted single


For those of you who are single, having a partner is difficult because you have to unite two different minds. Not infrequently, fights ensued. This is what makes you choose to be single. In addition to that reason, there are five other signs that you are addicted to being single, as quoted from intimate medicine. 

1. Have a feeling that no one is good for you

If you keep thinking that there's always something wrong with the guy you approach and his minor flaws are causing you to break up, then you're not going to get a partner. Remember that in this world nothing is perfect. 

2. Being attracted to someone you can't have

If you just want to be with someone who doesn't love you, then therein lies your fault.

Looking for love from people who don't want you or forcing them to like you will only make you continue to be single. 

3. Do not have self-confidence

If you are not confident when you meet the man of your dreams, you may never get the chance to be with him. By not being confident, it will be difficult to show who and how attractive you are. 

4. You are addicted to work

Having a strong ambition is a good thing. But if working time makes you lose your social life, that's just not good. How can you find a partner if you are always late and work weekends?

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5. Too 'active' looking for a boyfriend

Attending different parties in one night, asking all your friends to introduce you to handsome men, and flirting with all the men in every place you visit are signs that you are depressed about your single status. It's okay to try, but don't be too hard because later you will be disappointed.

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