5 Tips to Be Friends Best For Kids

5 Tips to Be Friends Best For Kids

The parenting style of parents to their children has a great influence. Being a parent as well as a friend for the baby is not easy. The role of parents in the growth and development of children is very important.

Considering children who spend the most time at home. Automatically parents must have good communication so that children continue to feel comfortable being around their parents. Parents must start to get used to being a friend, a friend to the baby.

But, could you have ever thought of wanting to be a friend who is so close to your baby? Well, here we will discuss together, how to get closer to children. How to act as a friend to children. Several things must be considered if you want to be closer to your baby, including the following:

1. Understanding the character

Parents must understand how the nature and character possessed by the child.

For example, if the child is quite shy and quiet, then moms don't force the child to talk a lot. Just introduce him to things that will make him understand something new.

2. Knowing the child's favorite

Support is an important factor in a family. Considering that at a young age, the child automatically needs considerable support to keep him active. Here moms must understand what children like.

For example, if the child likes a cartoon character, then moms must start watching together and giving reactions. So that the child does not feel neglected and feels touched.

3. Set aside time to play with children

Many parents are so busy with the world of work that they forget to set aside time just to play or chat with their children. Well, if moms want to be close to their children. Then this must be done. At the very least, invite the child to have a small chat and ask if there is anything strange or happy today. what do you like now?

Ask things that sound trivial but that have a tremendous effect on the child. Not only at home, but moms can also take their children for walks out there. Introduce the child to the outside world that is rarely known.

4. Good listener

Apart from being accompanied, sometimes there are times when the child wants to express what he is feeling. For example, he complained because he could not follow the lesson well. Here moms don't even scold her, ask what the reason is and try to give tips so you can focus next time. Children will feel appreciated and well listened to.

5. Understand the differences in the character and character of children

As parents, you must realize that every human being has a different character and character. Likewise with the child who also has a difference which is of course very special. Moms must respect those differences, don't compare them with other people's children. That's something parents obviously shouldn't do.

Make sure for Moms always try to understand and understand the characters and desires of different children from each other. So, Moms? I hope you can get closer to your child soon.

Children are a very special gift from God. Congratulations on being a friend to all of your beloved children, Moms.

There is no more beautiful gift than a happy baby.


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