7 Questions Before Getting Married To the Prospective Spouse for Future


7-Questions-Before-Getting-Married-To the-Prospective-Spouse-for-Future

When you are in a romantic relationship with someone for a long time, you may feel that you know everything about your partner. But, don't rush to decide before you know the answers to the pre-wedding questions to potential partners below that you shouldn't miss! 

Questions Before Marriage To Candidates

Instead of just asking about favorite colors, favorite foods, or hobbies, it's better to try asking some of these questions to understand the compatibility between you and your partner 

1. Are You 100% Ready to Marry Me?

Marriage means knowing and ensuring many things like financial security, a stable source of income, and of course, compatibility, respect and understanding from your partner. You can't just be sure of what your partner looks like Without demanding honesty.

Remember the recent case of a wife who only realized that her husband was a woman after 10 months of marriage?

Not only that, the husband who claimed to be a doctor also turned out to be unemployed.

This is why a man and a woman must feel equally stable in their lives to embark on this new adventure of a lifetime. Don't believe it right away and things don't magically go 'okay.

It's important to get rid of your valid worries and develop an understanding of what your life with your 'doi' will be like. For that reason, this is one of the first questions to ask before marriage. 

2. What Are Our Financial Goals?

This is actually the most important question to ask before getting married because financial problems are prone to triggering relationship breakdown. It is considered the third most frequent reason for divorce after infidelity and incompatibility.

You need to make sure the answers to these pre-wedding questions with your potential partner. The goal is to find out if the financial goals between you and your partner are aligned.

Understanding these answers is essential in planning for the future together and can help make joint decisions about how to share expenses, bills, savings and investments.

 3. Do You Have Debt?

People usually discuss how they will plan their finances together in the future but not many couples discuss their debts. After marriage, many people are still grappling with loans or credit card debt that puts their finances out of control.

So, it is very important for you and your partner to make sure again whether each other has a debt. If so, discuss how you plan to deal with them. 

4. How Do We Resolve Conflicts?

This is an important question to ask your potential partner before marriage because conflict is inevitable if you live under one roof. No two people are alike, so conflict is natural. But the most important part is how you and your partner resolve the conflict.

You and your partner may have different reactions when faced with an argument. Maybe you are more silent and your partner prefers to communicate it, or vice versa. One may be grumpy and the other may prefer to get away and be alone.

Therefore, as much as possible you have to make sure how you should solve the problem before proceeding to the level of marriage. 

5. What do you think about children?

It is very natural and important if you ask your potential partner about children before marriage. Some couples may want to be childfree so they are free to travel and explore career opportunities with their partner. On the other hand, some couples may want to raise children together.

Moreover, fertility problems are also a common case today. That's why it would be wise for you to discuss each other's feelings with your partner about children. It's not just a discussion about the number of children, okay?

But also make sure to discuss parenting and educating your children in the future. Will you take care of children together and share tasks, hire a baby sitter or leave it to your parents?

 6. Will We Live Separately or Together Parent?

This pre-marriage question is very important in the domestic life scenario in this world because the family system is still strong. Career-oriented independent women are often anxious if they have to live with their husband's family after marriage because they feel their freedom will be limited.

In this case, the prospective spouse must discuss whether they object to living under the same roof as the in-laws or whether it is better to live in separate houses. 

7. How Much You Want To Know About My Past?

It's normal to be curious about your partner's past. But how much do you want to know? As a potential partner who wants to get married, of course your partner wants to know about your entire life story, from education, career, to romance.

Don't let memories of the man or woman you were in a relationship with five years ago overshadow your married life with your partner, causing a conflict that ends in divorce.

Well, those are seven questions before marriage that you must ask a potential partner. By knowing clear answers to these questions, at least you and your partner can more easily unite your thoughts to go through the intricacies of domestic life and achieve goals and happiness together.


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