7 Ways to Use a Credit Card Smartly


 Credit cards are now everyone's favorite when shopping or in any activity. Because a credit card can be done simply and easily. Well, if you are a person who is using this credit card for the first time, you need to use a credit card wisely and smartly. Why should be wise and intelligent?

Because the use of this credit card can make someone collectible for anything, and after a lot of shopping, the credit card bill spikes.

There are at least 3 reasons why you should use a credit card wisely and smartly. Because when you use a credit card then You are ready to go into debt, yes, when you have a credit card, there is a debt that you must pay off. The second reason is credit card interest rates which always rise every month, usually, credit card interest rates will rise continuously, therefore you have to think carefully about using a credit card.

The third reason is that credit cards can encourage a consumptive lifestyle, so by default, you may want to continue shopping, especially when a massive discount or cashback is using a credit card, then your debt may increase. Be wise in using credit cards when shopping, which ones are needed and which ones are not. You have to be able to prioritize it.

In the following, we will share tips for those of you who use credit cards so that they can use credit cards wisely and smartly. 

1. Shop As Needed

If you use a credit card when shopping, shop according to your needs You, if you can make a list of what you need. For example, you plan to buy furniture using a credit card, so focus on buying these household appliances. Focusing on your plan and buying something you need is not easy, sometimes we are tempted to buy something that is not needed, but be careful while. For that, go back to your original plan to buy according to the needs and ist that you made.

2. Take advantage of credit cards to save on Expenditure

Nowadays people are interested in using credit cards because of the many attractive offers offered. For example, if you shop for food, books, or other things, you can get various attractive promos, bonuses, or cashbacks.

Well, for that using a credit card can save you too, but don't let you shop too much because of the various benefits it provides. This method is indeed risky along with the increasing consumption power. However, this can be responded to intelligently compared to you buying your needs without getting facilities from the credit card. 

3. Don't Withdraw Cash By Card Credit

Maybe some people don't know that credit cards can also be used to withdraw money from ATMs. Well, this is an even bigger temptation. For that you have to be strong You should not use this facility to withdraw money via your credit card.

The reason is that when you withdraw money with a credit card, you will be charged 4-5% interest per month for each withdrawal. Of course, this interest will cost you if you withdraw money from a credit card to an ATM.

 4. Diligently Check Bills

If you are currently a credit card user, your monthly bill will be sent to your home. The bill contains how much you spend using a credit card. Well, every time your credit card bill comes. then you must be careful to find out if there are transactions that you did not do. If it is felt that there is a transaction that you did not do, then immediately contact your credit card customer service to complain about the bill. In addition, you also have to be diligent in comparing your credit card bills each month, whether the bill is getting bigger or your bill is getting smaller.

5. Ignore Many Offers

Usually, credit card issuers have worked with several companies to attract credit card owners to shop at their place. For example, credit card users will be given big discounts if they shop at the Market Self-service B, so that's a way to attract consumers among credit card users. Many have experienced this, and for that, you have to be smart to see their offer.

 6. Pay Full Credit Card Bills

For some people, when shopping with a credit card, they don't estimate how much the bill will be, and suddenly the time for the credit card bill comes and you need to pay the bill. For that, try to pay in full your credit card bill before it is due. When you decide to use a credit card, then you also have to pay off all the bills properly and don't pay them in installments, because you should pay them straight away than in installments. Besides being able to manage your finances for other purposes, you are also free from debt. It's not good to be in debt. So when you dare to use a credit card, you must also have the courage to pay it off on time.

 7. Save Credit Cards When Not In Use

If you are not using a credit card, keep your credit card. In addition to preventing you from shopping continuously using a credit card, saving a credit card also prevents your credit card from being lost because your wallet falls or is lost.


Credit cards will be very useful if used wisely and smartly. Because the need for credit cards is increasing, more and more people want to use credit cards simply. If you want to use a credit card, you can first consult with your family before you want to use a credit card. Because the use of a credit card needs to go through a process until you will receive a bill for transactions. Automatically every month you have to be ready to pay off the bill. That's the information on How to Use a Credit CardSmartly. Hopefully, this information can be useful and useful for you to be wiser and smarter in using credit cards.

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