8 Tips to Conquer Your Lover's Heart



Have a crush that you've been secretly liking for a long time? Wow, this is no longer the time for Iho to be silent. If you just wait and stay silent, maybe someone else will take him, and you can only regret it for not doing anything. Well, want to know the right tips to conquer your crush's heart? You can follow these ways, yes!

How to conquer your crush's heart

 1. Be yourself

Nobody likes pretending, especially pretending to be someone else.

Even if you think that it would look cooler if you were someone else, but unfortunately this is not the right thing to do. The first step to being able to melt her heart is to be yourself and show how you are.

2. Be a fun chat buddy and a good listener

In a relationship, communication is important. Well, at the beginning of building a relationship, make sure that your communication with him starts smoothly. You can be a fun chat buddy for him, by finding out everything he likes, sharing ideas about trending things and more.

In addition, make sure you can also be a good listener for him. If he wants to convey his complaints, make yourself the most comfortable place for him to share anything. That way you can definitely easily conquer your crush's heart!

 3. Don't rush and be too aggressive

Maybe you can't wait to be in a relationship with him, or are afraid that he might even like people, but don't let this make you too aggressive and rush to act.

The key, slowly but surely! Make sure you keep giving signals that show you are interested in him and want to get to know him better. Do it gradually, starting with small things.

Because this is the beginning of building your relationship with him. If from the start, you've been pretending to be someone else and not being honest about yourself, then your relationship could be bad.

Showing how you are to a potential partner is also the right way to find a partner who accepts all of your strengths and weaknesses.

4. Confident

If you want your crush to like you, make sure you're confident! Confidence is a sign that you love yourself, and of course you will be able to love others too.

Moreover, the self-confidence that we have can radiate and be felt by others, you know. So, show him that you are a confident person. 

5. Positive in thinking and speaking

When you and your crush are exchanging ideas or having a casual chat, avoid conversations that will make your image negative, such as talking about other people's ugliness. Make him happy and comfortable when chatting with you. The point is, emit positive vibes when you're with him.

6. Dare to start first

If you don't start, how will you be able to conquer his heart? This also applies to women, Iho. Although many people say that the man must first start, but there is nothing wrong if the woman wants to start first.

However, there is no need to overdo it. Just sending a message to him, could be the first step to get started.

7. Get to know the people around you

To conquer your crush's heart, you also have to get to know the people closest to you, such as family and friends. Make the people around you like you too, that way your path to getting his heart is definitely getting closer!

From the people closest to you, you can also know what he likes and doesn't like, and it becomes easier for you to make him interested in you. 

8. Show concern and empathy

When you show your concern and empathy for him continuously, of course his heart will melt. For example, when he is having a hard time, you can offer to help him. He will feel cared for and see you as someone he can rely on. If that's the case, I'm sure he'll fall in love with you too!

Those are some surefire tips to conquer the crush's heart. The point is, do things that he likes and things that can reach his heart, and show that you are interested in him.

That way, conquering her heart is no longer a difficult thing.


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