5 Healthy Habits for Young People, So that the bones stay strong until old



What kind of healthy habits are good for young people so that in old age they still have a fit body and strong bones? Check out the following, come on!

What we do today, will have an impact on the future. Likewise, if we want to stay healthy even though we are getting older, then we need to prepare for it from a young age. Because, when entering old age, there are many changes in the body. Starting from sagging skin, the energy that is no longer full, to bones that are prone to fragility.

Therefore, we must start doing some healthy habits to keep our bones strong even though we are getting older.

Launching from various sources, here are a series of healthy habits for young people:

1. Eat More Vegetables Green

Although fast food is more attractive than having to eat vegetables, what you consume today, has a huge impact on old age. Well, to stay healthy even though you are getting older, eat more green vegetables. As recommended by Brittany  Dunn, a medical expert at Medical Expert

Because, 100 mg of green vegetables, can provide 10 calcium that the body needs. In addition, if you combine green vegetables with fruit in a smoothie mix, it can provide a wider range of health benefits.

2. Consuming Fruit Juice

Drinking juice is one of the healthy habits that can be done by anyone, both young and old. Consuming juice is very useful for maintaining the body's pH balance and affecting calcium balance, you know. The type of juice that you can consume is orange juice.

The reason is, that fortified orange juice contains vitamin D and 350 milligrams which are good for meeting calcium intake in the body. Oranges, which are known as a source of vitamin C, if consumed regularly, can help prevent osteoporosis.

3. Drink Fortified Milk

Drinking milk every day is a healthy habit that needs to be done from a young age.
This is because milk is rich in vitamin D, calcium, and protein, which play an important role in maintaining bone health. Fortified milk contains more vitamins and minerals than natural milk. In addition to animal milk, regular consumption of plant-based milk such as soy, oats, coconut milk, cashews, and almonds is highly recommended.

4. Doing Physical Activity

An orthopedic specialist at RS
Airlangga University (RSUA) (INDONESIA), Dr. Udria, Sp.OT said that lazy moving is the main factor for osteoporosis because bones need to be strengthened to prevent thinning. He also said that, if a person is lazy to exercise, then he will lose weight. It's like a muscle that loosens up after a long period of inactivity. Therefore, if you want your bones to stay strong in old age, start exercising regularly.

5. Don't Forget to Always Add Milk to Smoothies

Milk can be consumed directly or can also be added to other preparations.
For example, into smoothies.
Adding milk to smoothies is a healthy habit that can keep your bones strong. Besides fresh milk, other dairy products can be added to smoothies for added nutritional value, such as yogurt or soy milk. Then you can consume it in the morning as part of the breakfast menu to support the development of stronger bones.

Well, that's a row of healthy habits that young people can do to strengthen bones. Apply positive habits and don't forget to do sports to keep your body healthy. May be useful!

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