The Benefits Of Feather In Our Body


1. On the Head

The function of hair is to protect the scalp from sunburn and cold. While the hair on your head is no less than 100,000 hairs and each strand grows within 2 to 6 years. But the hair will fall out every day, 50 to 100 strands, but new hair will grow. 

2. On the Eyes

The function of eyebrows and eyelashes in addition to beauty and beauty is to prevent sweat and rain from hitting the forehead and then into the eyes. Eyebrows can also really deepen. face character You 

3. On the Nose

With the hair on the nose, bacteria, fungi, dust, or spores that enter the nose will be blocked and filtered out.

Not only that, but the hair on the nose also serves to increase the humidity of the air that is inhaled. The process of respiration needs to continue.

4. Mustache, beard, chest, and stomach hair

The function of the mustache and beard is as a sign of secondary sex for men who have grown up, or in other words, as a differentiator between men and women.

Like the mustache and beard, the function of hair on the chest and abdomen is a secondary sex sign for an adult male.

5. On the armpits

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Like other body hair, armpit hair usually begins to grow during its growth period until the end of adolescence, which is 18-20 years. The secretion of pheromones from the axilla at the stage of human development indicates pubertal hair and usually with the axillary link between The positive response to olfactory stimuli in mammals and the intense sex drive caused by pheromone secretion provide useful clues of purpose and importance to humans. it is said that the hair itself acts sexually. armpit hair Once as a natural "anti-slip" property between the upper arms and the thorax. More importantly, underarm hair naturally expels moisture from the skin which helps the skin Dry enough to prevent odor-producing bacteria from growing.

6. On Hands and Feet

The function of the hair on the feet and hands is the most effective sensor tool. For example, our legs walk in shrubs. Things responded by our feet a lot. Starting with plants that make itchy or can respond to caterpillars.

7. On the genitals

Various theories state that the function of the genital hair is to provide warmth, visual indication of sexual maturity, pheromones, sexual intercourse, and protection of the area overgrown with pubic hair because this area collects from reducing the friction of expulsion when sensitive.


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