10 Weirdest Jobs People Have Done Roman, Not Just Weird But.


The Romans used to have a variety of jobs and it sounds quite strange to humans who live today.

However, his strange work lasted long enough because it was indispensable for other Romans. So, what are the strange jobs of the Romans?

Quoted from the Ancient Greeks, here are 10 of the strangest jobs the Romans ever did. 

1. Someone else's scapegoat

For noble families, making mistakes was shameful and damaged their self-image. So they need someone to blame for the mistake.

A noble family would pay a slave to bear the deeds of a prince. Instead of protecting the prince, it turns out that this tests the prince's conscience to no longer make mistakes.

2. Hairdresser potion maker

The Romans paid quite a lot of attention to their appearance. For that, they have the Ornatrices, who are in charge of styling the hair of the employers.

The slaves would later be asked to mix and prepare a unique and best hairstyle for their master. This herb is used to style the employer's hair according to their needs and requests. 

3. Barber and surgeon

Imagine how a barber can become a surgeon. But this made sense to the Romans because barbers had the skill to use sharp objects such as knives and razors with care.

If they could do this for hair, they would probably be successful with razors and scalpels for surgery.

Some of the surgeries they handle include amputations, urine tests, tooth extractions, and blood draws.

4. Vomit collector

This job is one of the most disgusting jobs ever. Because they will often clean up the vomit of rich people who want to eat a lot in the middle of a party. It's crazy, isn't it?

5. Leech collector

Usually, a leech collector is employed by a medical professional. This is because leeches were used for many misguided medical procedures during the Middle Ages. 

6. Dog and child repellent

This job is to protect the church from attacks by dogs and also small children who often play in the church. This profession is similar to the current security guard, only for a church that is a place of worship for people Romans

 7. Alarm on

As the name suggests, this job is in charge of going around waking people up every morning. Why is it necessary? Because this has become a need for many people to do activities faster, namely in the morning. 

8. King's dung collector

In addition to collecting vomit, the most disgusting job is the Groom of the stool, collecting the excrement of the kings. usually, they are male servants whose job is to help bring toilet equipment to the king.

If the king wants to defecate where it is not possible, they will immediately find a place for the king to excrete and will later be collected and disposed of by these workers.

9. Ratcatcher

Rats were the cause of infectious diseases at that time, so there was competition from the kings for whoever was able to catch as many mice as possible would be given a pretty promising monetary reward.

 10. Name reminder

It seems that the Roman officials were quite arrogant because they did not need to remember the names of the relatives who met them. The officials would prepare a slave to remember the name of everyone the master met.

Thus, this work became an additional job for the slaves to earn more rewards.


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