Business Opportunity With Minimal Capital

Business Opportunity With Minimal Capital

The lack of jobs makes the unemployment rate increase. Changes in conditions like this make the demands for creative thinking very strong. Owning a business is one way to keep an income. However, owning a business is not as easy as turning the palm. Doing business will always be accompanied by many risks.

Capital is one of the things that support the running of a business. With sufficient capital and a careful plan will realize business ownership.

Capital for business does not have to be a lot of money. With little capital and creativity, entrepreneurs will be able to come up with many ideas for doing business. Moreover, with the progress of the existing era, large capital is not a must. Here are some business ideas with small capital that we can try. 

1. Private Lessons

Service teaching lessons may be one of the business options. Especially for students. In addition to teaching school lessons, teaching foreign languages ​​and music can also be done.

To start private tutoring services can be offered through social networks.

Then can start teaching offline. Visiting students' homes can be one of the beginnings of starting a private tutoring service business. When the tutoring service has begun to be known, you can open a private tutoring service at home.

Private tutoring services business requires relatively small capital. especially if the lessons have been done at home. So the main capital is only stationery and study space. Private tutoring rates can be adjusted to rates in nearby locations.

2. Laundry Service

With very busy working hours, of course, many people no longer have time to wash clothes. Washing clothes is a very time-consuming and labor-intensive job. Not to mention washing is always accompanied by other frills, such as ironing clothes.

Opening a laundry service business can be a business idea with relatively little or small capital. Business capital can be minimized if the entrepreneur opens a business at home or without a lease. If calculated, it is estimated that opening a laundry business costs only around 7 million. The capital includes washing machines, dryers, and other equipment such as scales and plastic.

To optimize the business so that it continues to run and get more profit, choosing the right location is very necessary.

Creative and appropriate marketing can support the progress of this business.

 3. Coffee Shop

Undoubtedly, a coffee shop business can provide enough income or even more. The number of coffee fans, making coffee shops mushrooming everywhere. Opening a shop does not require so much capital. The main capital to making a coffee shop is a machine. The rest is creativity, for example, the arrangement of the location.

4. Motorcycle Wash Service

A motorcycle washing service business can also be an option. Busy busyness makes many people no longer have time to wash their vehicles.

This condition can be seen in many motorcycle washing places.

Even so, this business is always in demand, especially during the rainy season.

This business capital can be considered small, starting from eight million rupiahs. With this small capital, you can have a motorbike washing service business.


Opening a business or business does not have to depend on large capital. With creativity and taking advantage of existing opportunities, everyone can have their own business. By owning a business, there will be steady income, if at any time you are in a complicated situation. For example, being laid off.

Business greetings!

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