TikTok Shop: Guide Selling Online, Turnover Increase


For some time, businessmen are competing to develop their wings in the online world. One of the social media that is believed to have a positive impact on sales is TikTok Shop.

It is known, since the emergence of the TikTok application, that it is increasingly loved by all groups, from children to adults.

Seeing this, this company has never developed and continues to innovate according to the needs of its users.

The latest innovation is to launch a business feature for TikTok users who want to sell.

However, this application is bold and different from other social media applications. What's that? Check out the advantages of the TikTok shop below.

1. Can be a social media application as well as for shopping

Previously, TikTok was only known as a social media to channel the talents of its users through videos. Now, this application has offered to collaborate with sellers to be able to sell their products, Iho.

Not only that, TikTok Shop is said to be the most relevant social media to the wishes of its users.

So in one application we can have fun, get information, and shop without having to switch to another platform.

You could say, this application carries the concept of 'what do you want, everything there.

2. Have a good opportunity to expand buyers and get more turnover

Since its appearance, Tik Tok users have experienced a significant increase.

Of course, this can be a plus point, especially for the sellers on TikTok Shop.

Based on the data, users of this application are not only used by the majority of adults, Iho.

Children and teenagers also dominate this social media.

Surely this will provide benefits from all sides with a fairly good level of effectiveness.

When a seller sells his product through this application, it means that the seller has expanded sales.

This can also be directly proportional to the increase in income or sales turnover of online shops.

3. TikTok Shop offers lots of promos and discounts

Not only able to expand the target buyer, but the TikTok shop also offers lots of promos and discounts, you know.

Like other marketplace applications, this application also provides free shipping promos for buyers who buy products at the TikTok shop.

Other advantages for buyers do not end there. TikTok shop offers discounts or rebates much cheaper than in other marketplaces.

For example, in application A the price of brand A book is the cheapest price at $50 TikTok Shop will offer these selling products much cheaper, which can be up to $15 only (*simulation).

Then, how can we register TikTok Shop? Are there any special requirements to sell in this application? Listen carefully.

How to Sell on TikTok

There are two ways to activate TikTok Shop, as an affiliate or seller (seller).

Register TikTok Shop

The main requirement to be able to sell is that you must have a TikTok account first.

If so, visit the site https://shop.tiktok.com/ and register by clicking sign up with TikTok Account. Like other selling sites, you have to verify the data first.

Later, you will get a confirmation from TikTok Shop via the email you used to register.

Register TikTok Affiliate

If TikTok Shop needs to join via a seller app, TikTok Affiliate doesn't need to.

To make it easier, follow these steps 

1. Go to the profile section of your TikTok account

 2. Select the basket-shaped icon 

3. Select the e-commerce Creator Center, click the shop image, and select commission


4. Don't forget to add the product you want to sell or promote 

5. Fill in your data

 6. If you have received a successful notification, clicked Affiliate product to add the product 

7. Wait for product verification

Tips for Selling on TikTok Shop 

1. Choose products that match your content niche

If you have a TikTok with a lot of followers and want to start a business. So, it would be nice if you sell according to the niche content that you created earlier.

Besides you don't need to build an audience anymore, you will also find it much easier to promote the products you sell. Because you already understand very well what the audience likes who follow your TikTok account.

2. Choose products that are not only cheap but also sold by trusted stores

Most novice sellers will be confused about determining the price or product.

However, there's no need to worry about it. If the audience on your account is well established.

Never be afraid to sell your fairly expensive products. Buyers want to get a quality product.

On the other hand, you also have to build trust in your audience or potential buyers.

That is, never manipulate the quality and the goods you sell.

Trust me, even though it is quite expensive. However, if the product being sold is of high quality, your sales method is good, and friendly to buyers. Your audience and customers will come back to buy the products you sell.

3. Look for products that have free samples

This third tip may be very appropriate for those of you who want to use TikTok Affiliate.

If you are a seller, of course, you have to sacrifice one of your products to become review material, right?

Audiences and potential buyers will be much more interested when you review their products directly than you use reviews from other people, it's only as support for your explanation.

If you are just an affiliate, try to work with other brands or stores that want to give free samples of their products.

Usually, this is a form of cooperation, where you will sell the product and buy it from the brand or store only. So, both benefit, right?

However, if you have more money. You can buy the product and review it by leaving the sales link alone.

Tips for Selling and Increasing Turnover

Nowadays, many people can easily sell their products on social media. However, why can't everyone get the turnover they want?

The answer is only one because the seller does not control the current market system. Even though they have used the marketplace with a lot of potential buyers.

Look, there are lots of content creators who are paid high prices. Because nowadays selling not only has to be good but also the result is that the audience is interested and buys the product. Then, how? Listen below.

1. Start by telling the problem from the audience's point of view

When selling, do not immediately rush to offer your product.

It would be better if you educate the audience first.

Look for a problem that is often experienced by the audience and provide a solution. 

2. Offer solutions through the products and content we create

When you have discussed the problem at hand, make sure the solution is our product. That is, the products we sell are solutions to problems experienced by the audience.

Offer through engaging content, create a style that doesn't look promotional but has a positive impact on the result (click-to-buy audience).

If you sell via live streaming, you should follow these steps or four tips.

1. Introduce yourself and explain the topic of the live stream

2. Use the 5W+1H framework to explain each product 

3. Remind the audience to follow our account 

4. Remind the audience to check out the product as well as explain the shopping steps at TikTok Shop and discounts are available. 



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