Why do Laptop Batteries Damage Fast?


Why do Laptop Batteries Damage Fast?

Maybe some laptop users are sometimes confused because the battery used is damaged quickly or doesn't last long. Sometimes when used, the battery suddenly drops or runs out completely. This causes us to feel uncomfortable because we are doing a task or job.

These problems are classic and often experienced by laptop users. But actually what is the cause and why it can happen to the laptop battery, here's an explanation.

1. Overuse

The battery runs out quickly due to various reasons, one of which is excessive use.

Excessive use such as laptops is often used to play games. Playing games is fun to do, but you need a time limit and don't spend all day playing games. Ideally playing games for only 2-3 hours and just to fill spare time. 

2. Simultaneous use with battery charging

You are advised not to charge the battery while using the laptop. This is the main cause of laptop batteries being damaged quickly. If you want the battery to last longer, You can remove the battery and charger directly connected to the mains. This is quite effective but the thing to remember is, that you have to turn off the Laptop permanently before removing the battery. This is important to avoid things that are not desirable. 

3. Putting the laptop in a soft place

Try not to put the laptop in a soft place, such as a mattress, pillow, or bolster. This, if done, will cause the laptop to heat up quickly because sometimes the soft material can close the air circulation on the laptop.

4. Laptop use in hot places

If you use a laptop in a hot place, it can cause damage to the components Laptop including Battery. Try when the room is hot, there is a fan that cools the room, and even better if the laptop has a cooling fan.

Those are some examples of simple things that cause the battery to fail quickly. If you want the battery to last longer, it's better to avoid the four things above. When the battery is fully charged, you can remove the charger so that the battery does not leak quickly.

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