Why Husband Should Hugging Wife Every Day?


 Sometimes husbands forget that wives need romantic things. Maybe because of work routines, stress, and many other factors that make husbands rarely hug their wives.

Well, for those of you (men) who are reading this article, we recommend hugging your wife at least once a day.

Why is that?

In fact, hugs turn out to have extraordinary properties in a marital relationship. Not only will your love grow stronger, your physical and emotional connections will also strengthen.

Love experts say that when a husband hugs his wife, the heart will beat fast and then suddenly feel warm inside the body. Can relieve stress too, Iho!

Well this time myWorldshoot will give some reasons why husbands should hug their wives every day. 

1. Increase harmony

For those of you who don't have a romantic sense inside, you can do this. It's enough to just hug your wife when you go to work, after work, or before going to bed. This will make your relationship more romantic and believed to be able to solve all kinds of obstacles in the household.

 2. Help communication

Did you know that hugs have an amazing language of communication? Experts can claim that a single hug can help with non-verbal communication to express affection, emotion, gratitude, annoyance, and even anger. 

3. Reduce the burden on the wife

One hug a day will give so much warmth to your wife. If you want to show that you care, then hug him. Because sometimes the wife feels more indecisive and tired than her husband. One hug can calm him down. 

4. Relieve stress

Hugging your wife has been shown to relieve stress. The reason is, hugging your wife can reduce the amount of the stress hormone cortisol produced in the body. 

5. Boosts arousal mood

When your wife accepts your hug, the hormone oxytocin will be released, making her feel warm, calm, and happy.

 6. Relieve anger

It is undeniable that in every household life there must be quarrels. One hug can melt a woman's heart. Give him warmth, comfort, love, and a sincere apology. Compare with you who just apologize to him without doing anything. Which is faster?

Important note.. get married first ;)

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