Why is the road made winding, this The reason!



Have you ever thought when riding a vehicle, why the road is winding? If the road is straight, it will not waste time and get to the destination quickly.

There are several reasons why the highway is made winding. Well, here are some simple reasons why the road is made winding.

1. Make the driver not bored and sleepy

The first reason why the roads are made of twists and turns is to anticipate car and motorcycle drivers so that they are not bored and sleepy when driving.

The road is always straight, making the riders feel bored quickly.

This boredom can lead to decreased concentration of the riders, and make the riders feel sleepy quickly. Fatal consequences if the driver loses concentration on the highway.

Especially if you drive long distances. Driving without many activities such as braking, turning the steering wheel, or changing gears, will cause the trip to be monotonous. This can lead to reduced concentration of motorists.

Riders who continuously look at distant and straight objects for a long time will make the brain visualize "near objects" to be far away. This is very dangerous for drivers, who think that the car in front is still far away, even though it is close.

Moreover, passing on a toll road that is smooth, straight, and flat, will make motorists feel sleepy quickly because they are tired and bored. To anticipate this, on the toll road that is straight and smooth, a "mini sleeper police" or rumble strip is made. Which serves to give a vibration to the car, and force the driver to stay focused.

2. Adjusting soil conditions and contours in an area

The conditions and contours of the land in each region will be different. In areas located in mountainous areas or highlands, the road will be deliberately winding. This will make it easier for the vehicle when it meets a climbing path.

If passing through mountainous areas with uphill and straight roads, the vehicle will require greater effort than the winding roads. The uphill road is too sloping to make many vehicles that are not strong enough to walk uphill.

Motorized vehicles, both cars, and motorbikes are generally not strong enough if they have to go through a steep incline with a fairly long distance and a long time. To anticipate this, a winding road system was built in the mountainous region The winding path in the mountains uses a system of apt planes.

 This is done to get a large enough mechanical advantage so that the vehicle can climb easily and descend not at high speed.

Likewise, the downhill path is deliberately made winding to reduce the speed of the descending vehicle. The steepness and weight factor will greatly affect the speed of the vehicle when passing on a downhill road.

 3. Adjusting the price of land acquisition in an area

The construction of the highway requires land acquisition for the residents that the road will pass through. Usually, if there is an issue of eviction of residential land for roads, many residents refuse. There are even some groups of residents who deliberately set very high prices for their land acquisition.

Moreover, the area is on a strategic path, and land prices are very expensive. Land acquisition is of course very expensive. The alternative is to find land for roads with cheaper land acquisition costs.

It could be that the road that will be made becomes more winding and detours further because many residents refuse to have their territory evicted for the highway.

So, you understand. Why aren't roads always straight? Come on,
Prioritize safety and be careful when driving.

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