How to Restart Windows Update Service in Windows 11




 Hey, guys welcome back to my blog technology today, in this video tutorial, I will show you guys how to restart the update service on your windows, 11, pc, or laptop. So you just need to follow me. So, firstly, just need to open your start or search menu and type over here.

Services. MSc, so I will give you this command. On my video description after that press enter or click on the service app services app and after services open the services app. You will.

 You have to find the uh the service called windows update service, so here it is, as you can see so right now, as you can see, it is topped, as you can see, it's not running so I will click on start. So if you want to restart it, you just need to right-click and click on restart from here so that from here you can start stop, or restart the service after that close this window, and I will show you another method by which you can restart your services. 

For that, you just need to go to your starter search menu type over here, cmd now, right, click on command prompt,t, and click on run as administrate after that click on ks and open the command prompt window. 

You just need to type the subcommand over here, which I'll give you in my product description. So here is the command copy all the commands from here and copy and just right-click on your command prompt and it will restart your update service. So you have to wait for a few uh seconds or minutes after then.

after then you just need to restart your
You just need to restart your pc and it will start your update service. So you hope this quick tutorial will help you please don't forget to click on the subscribe button like button and share button, and if you have any questions, then comments down below I will see you guys in the next for next video then bye bye take years.


Here's how to restart Windows Update service in Windows 10.

Windows Update Service is a very important service, which is vital to the function of all the installed software in a computer and is responsible for installing, uninstalling, or updating software. Some software updates may not work properly if this service is deactivated. This article describes how to restart Windows Update service.

How to Restart Windows Update Service in Windows 11

How to Restart Windows Update Service in Windows 11: Windows Update is a critical part of the Windows Update service. When it is unable to retrieve the latest updates, system restore, and the automatic repair options that are available to fix the problem are not useful. In this guide, we will show you

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