What If the Argentinosaurus Was Alive Today?

What If the Argentinosaurus Was Alive Today?


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A creature that had a 30-foot neck, 40-foot spine, and weighed over 60 tons roamed the Earth about 80 million years ago. This book, written for children ages 4 to 8, examines the fascinating world of dinosaurs and their closest relatives, the birds.

What if the Argentinosaurus was alive today?

It's nearly impossible to imagine, but the large theropod dinosaurs were once considered the highest source of food for early humans. What would it have been like to hunt these creatures?

As a paleontologist, a lot of my time is spent looking at fossils and imagining what they must have been like in the past. The latest issue of Smithsonian magazine asked me to pen a piece about what the Argentinosaurus would be like today.

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