What If a Rogue Star Collided with the Sun?


What If a Rogue Star Collided with the Sun?

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Astronomers have long wondered about the possibility of a star colliding with our own Sun. A new simulation suggests that such a collision would be catastrophic and would likely cause a "Dyson sphere" to form around the star.

A star the size of our sun, orbiting the Milky Way at about six light years away, is getting dangerously close to a neighboring star. Scientists are worried that the two stars may collide, sending wave after wave of energy and ...

What if one day a star (let's call it Kuiper) started to approach the Sun?

The Sun is a star, and there are plenty of them. Our Sun is the closest star to us. It is so close that it takes just over eight minutes for light from the Sun to travel to Earth. But what if another star passed close enough to the Sun to collide with it?

On September 1, 2060, an object the size of a large blue star will hurtle through the solar system and hit the sun. The aftermath is catastrophic. But first, the earth must survive for a few more decades.

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