What If You Lived in the Stone Age?

What If You Lived in the Stone Age?



Why do people go to the dentist? But how do they do it? We all know that the dentist is a profession that can give us a lot of pain, but we probably don't know how they do it. If they don't use the prongs to penetrate the gum, they can usually

What If You Lived in the Stone Age? This report presents a fictional look at what the world would be like if humans had never discovered agriculture.

If you were a caveman or cavewoman in the Stone Age, what would you do? Do you have a friend who'd like to learn more about the prehistoric world? Do you have a school project that needs a prehistoric theme? Grab a few friends and let's dig in to the past!

What If You Lived in the Stone Age? Is a book for kids about what life was like for our early ancestors.

What if you lived in the stone age? What would you do with your time? What would you make? How would you survive? You might be surprised to learn that the stone age was a lot like the 21st century. This is a collection of fun, fast facts that are perfect for sharing
What would it be like to live in the Stone Age? How would you survive? Find out in this fun guide to primitive life.

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