10 High-Paying Side Hustles You Can Start with Under $100

10 High-Paying Side Hustles You Can Start with Under $100
In this video I'm, going over 10 high-paying sides, hustles that cost under 100 to start every single style hustle on this list can probably be done with things you already have and yeah I made sure to only include things that can pay a lot of money. I've done dozens of different side hustles, and this is my curated list of businesses that do not require a lot of capital to start so without further ado. Let's get started so number one on the list is UGC user-generated content. You guys are a great side hustle that doesn't cost any money to start because chances are. You already have a phone with a decent camera. Now, if you know how to make content for social media platforms liketickk, tack, Instagram reels, and youtube you'll be able to make a lot of money creating content for brands. The great thing is that you don't even need to show your face, as there are other options like faceless, unboxing, ASMR videos, drawing and writing videos and so yeah. If you're camera shy, don't worry it's not a little bit more information about what UGC is nowadays there are tons of new brands getting on social media, and the thing is that they need people to help them make content. it's not a little bit more information This is where you come in as a content creator, making videos for brands that you post on your social media platforms or making videos that they post on their channels. All you need to start the side. Hustle is a phone with a camera and the willingness to reach out to brands and offer your services the most content. 

Creators will charge between ten to fifty dollars per video and that one video can take no under 30 minutes to make you guys can work with agencies that hire people to make UGC content. This is the easier way, but it does pay less or you can go the other route where you reach out to brands yourself and by cutting out the middleman, you guys can take home more profit. yourself and by cutting out the Overall. This is a great side, a hustle that you can do from home and if you enjoy making content and are good at it, you can make between one to five thousand dollars per month, okay, the second sale that we're talking abouisre about is reg personal brand websites. This is a great side, hustle for people that are skilled or interested in learning about website design. The great thing is that there are tons of new influencers nowadays that don't have a personal brand website and you guys mean that there's a lot of demand, but not that much supply for this type of service to get started with the side. Hustle. All you need to have is a computer which you likely already have, as well as the willingness to learn how to make websites website design is a lot easier than you'd. a lot easier than you'd think Think as there are so many platforms out there that make making a website really really simple, for example, tons of platforms like WordPress Squarespace Wix, and even kajabi, all allow you to create websites without needing to learn how to code. 

What I would do is I would spend one to three months learning how to create a website and then go out. There identify creators that have a pretty poor website and then offer your services to them via email or Instagram. Do a great job for your first clients, build up your client list, and get more work in your portfolio, and, as you do, you'll be able to increase your prices significantly. The reason why I recommend niching down for web design is that it removes a lot of your competition. Do not be a general web designer. That's not going to be good rather focus on something niche, for example, personal brand websites, and make that the main product that you are known for an overall great side. Hustle that you can do with just your computer while working from home and you should easily be able to charge between 100 to you, know even five thousand dollars per website. All right. Third on the list is running newspaper emails for people and brands. If you guys have a knack for running or you have a passion in a specific field that needs writing, then this is the side hustle for you. The fact is that a lot of people are starting newsletters, but they need someone to help write those newsletters. That's basically, where you come in right you act sort of as a ghostwriter, for example, I have a newsletter called hustle club and I have one or two writers that help me write this weekly email. that's basically where you come in right There are tons and tons of other people. Just like me with newsletters like this, and that means there's a lot of demand for the service. If you guys are talented at writing and you have a computer- and this is a side hustle- that you can start immediately from your home. 

What I recommend doing is signing up for a few different newsletters to ort ofresorof resorting these types of newsletters are written and then after you do some practice eachputtwitht to other creators, influencers, and business people aofferingfer to write them a free issue of their newsletter, this is important, because if you don't offer something for free, then it's very likely that they're just going to skim over your email and not respond offer that value, offer that free writing and crush it. their newsletter this is really On that first email I guarantee you. If you do that, they're going to come back to you, they're going to have you write their future emails, and yeah? This can become a very profitable side, hustle, plus the great thing is that it's recurring so you're going to have cash flow every single week or month, yeah, it's great, because it's super flexible. You can write this newsletter whenever you want and that's why I think it's one of the top side hustles, you guys, can start today, all right. So the next episode that we're going over today is selling digital products using the free e-commerce platform coach, which is the first e-commerce platform purpose-built for social media. Digital products include things like pdfs, workbooks, templates, printables, and more all with high-profit margins, items that cost practically zero dollars to fulfill all right so to get started. Just click the link in the description to set up your koji account and add the sell digital products template from there. link in the description to set up your You can use a free platform like a canvas to create pdfs templates recipes, books, ebooks logos, and any digital product that you want to sell so yeah, similar to the other side. 

Hustles on this list. You can niche down and create digital products that give a ton of value to a specific target audience, for example, you can create budgeting templates for college students or journaling prompts for entrepreneurs. What I recommend for those starting is to create evergreen digital products that people will continue to search for over the years. This way, as you begin to market your links to an audience, your sales will be able to bring in a reliable source of passive income. Now, this is much easier to do with koji than with traditional website-based e-commerce platforms because all of your koji digital products are accessible directly in your lincoln bio, which allows you to generate sales inside of your Instagram tick-tock or any social media platform. This reduces the additional clicks, usually needed for customers to get a product into a cart and check out on a website-based platform, and leads to more sales with koji, so yeah once you have your digital product set up and running on koji. All that's left to do is bring traffic to your links, which you guys can do through creating youtube videos, tick, tocks, reels, wrangle, blog, and starting a newsletter to name a few yeah overall, a great side hustles for anyone with basic creative, design skills and again, if you guys are interested in using koji, be sure to check the link in the description where you can get started: selling your digital products on social media today for free, so the next style. That's what we're talking about becoming a house or pet sitter. Now the platform we're talking about today is trustedhouseinners.com. This is not sponsored, I just think they're, a cool service and the different thing about this platform is that you don't get paid. Rather, you can trade, your house-sitting or pet-sitting services in exchange for free room and board. This can be a great way to do a road trip or be able to travel the world, and while the platform does cost a little bit over a hundred dollars per year, I still wanted to include it on this list, because I do think. It's a cool opportunity. 

Essentially, what happens is people that are going on? Vacation will create a listing and not listing is going to say what services they need, as well as the dates that they're going to be gone for and then you'll be able to apply to stay in their home. dates that they going to be gone for The great thing about training services is that you know there's no actual money being made, so there are no taxes. Yeah, I do think that this is a great way to offset your living costs. If you do love pets or nice, big homes, I was introduced to this platform by someone that I interviewed for one of my street interviews, viand dedoes he said thadoseses offf the homes she stayed at have been gigantic, so yeah overall, really cool side hustle. 

You guys don't need to use this specific platform, but the concept remains, the same, where you trade, your services for free room and board next up is dog walking, and this is a great side hustle if you love working with dogs. Nowadays, so many people are working from home and doing their side hustles from their laptops, and a lot of these people. some so many people are They may not have time to take their pet out on three different walks per day, which seems to be the number of daily walks that experts recommend from 2019 to 2021 the pet industry jumped from being worth 97 billion dollars to 123.6 billion, so there's an opportunity in this growing market. For example, this guy named Ryan Stewart makes over six figures a year. Walking dogs in new york city work about 36 hours per week. If you want to get into dog walking what I recommend doing is setting up a profile on something like rover or wag, and then building up experience walking dogs on there from there. You can start building your client list. You can get a word of mouth referrals and eventually you'll be able to move off the platform. This is lucrative if you can walk multiple dogs at once, it seems like the going rate for a 30-minute. The walk is about 10 to twenty-five dollars. So if you do the math, if you can walk four dogs at a time, that's gonna be between forty and a hundred dollars. For that half hour, walk this type of side. Hustle doesn't cost any money. To start. You may want to use your dog leashes if you want, but of course, you can always use theirs so yeah. Besides that, there isn't that much. isn't that much need to invest to start the side hustle and, like I said it can be lucrative if you're, smart with it and yeah. 

That's why it's on this list. The next slide. That's what we're talking about is virtual bookkeeping, for those of you who don't know bookkeeping is basically where you track and record a business's financial transaction so that they know exactly how much money is being spent what's being spent, as well as the income coming into that business there are so many businesses nowadays, especially after the pandemic, in fact, in 2021 Americans applied to start 5.4 million new businesses, which is more than 20 higher than any previous year on record. This is a great style, a hustle that doesn't cost that much money to start, and if you're good at organizing data and want to be able to work from anywhere. This is going to be perfect. You guys can learn how to become a bookkeeper for free. There are so many videos available on platforms like youtube, but they're also paid courses like bookkeepers.com, which teaches you how to build a six or seven-figure virtual bookkeeping business I'll, the link down below but, like I, said, a lot of this information can be found for free online and I do think. It's such a great business and side hustle opportunity that many people can start what I recommend doing is first learning how to become a bookkeeper, learning tlearningfferent rules, and tofferingffer yofferingervices to small business owners and entrepreneurs. You can do this either on Fiverr or Upwork, or you can reach out directly to people that you know on this side. Hustle can easily pay you between essay essayssay 70 per hour, and the great thing is that the only thing you need is going to be your laptop or computer. 

 the great thing is that the only thing Now software that I recommend most bookkeepers learn is Quickbooks. That's like the gold standard. That's what most business owners want to use and yeah once you get one client that person is going to refer you to other clients and as long as you're, on top of things and you're, a good bookkeeper I guarantee you're going to keep getting more and more clients, I, actually recommend niching down in this field, for example, becoming a bookkeeper for content creators or a bookkeeper for e-commerce company companies. top of things and you a good That way, you can charge more, have better conversions as well as become good at bookkeeping. For a specific industry overall, it's a fantastic style hustle that I think is going to grow over the next decade or more, and yeah. That's why it's on this list, the next side, hustle we're talking about, is becoming a notion consultant. 

If you don't know, the notion is one of the most popular productivity tools that is used by a ton of entrepreneurs and companies that want to organize their business operations. There are tons of tutorials online where you can learn how to become a notion expert for free or you can go out and pay for some courses on the notion, but that is not necessary after you learn the whole notion platform. What you're going to do is you're going to start offering a service where you can consult with business owners and entrepreneurs on setting up their notion platforms. This essentially means you're going to jump on a call with the person to understand their business and what they need and from there you're going to be able to design their notion account you'll, create the right, pages, add in the right templates and show them how to use it. This is a very, very high value, a skill that doesn't take that much time to learn, and the great thing is that, since it impacts the business, so many people are willing to pay a lot of money like we're talking, 50 100, even up to 200 for 300 per hour, similar to the last side, hustle the way you're going to want to approach. and the great thing is that since This type of business is, first by creating a ton of free value and content on social media platforms label yourself as a notion master, and create a website where you offer your services for consulting. All you need is your first one or two clients and from there on you're gonna get word-of-mouth business and yeah. This is such a scalable business that can easily bring in six figures per year or more and the great thing is that it doesn't cost any money to start all. The cost is a bit of your time to learn the platform, so yeah, definitely one of the best sides hustles on this list. The next slide. That's what we're talking about a tutoring business and know that this has been said in many of these types of videos, but it's said for a good reason. It's because tutoring is one of the best high-paying sides, hustles that almost anyone can do. This is one of the first side hustles that I did after I graduated college and it paid the bills while I was pursuing my other endeavors. If you live in an area, that's more affluent with lots.

 In some good high schools I reco, men, d doing a subject thathey'rere good that and the ring of sol students in that subject. subject the reason why in-person tutoring is the best is that you can charge the highest rates and all it requires is you have a car or a bike or some type of transportation to get to their house. You don't need any materials besides, maybe a notebook, so yeah. What I recommend doing is identifying something that you're good at that you can teach and trust me you guys if you've graduated high school or college, you are going to be able to tutor in at least one subject. If you're tutoring, elementary or middle school students, you can probably tutor in any subject, you want,d thentheree thereearegh-payinththereend tutorings such as sat and act prep. If you're good at standardized tests like that or you feel comfortable, tutoring ap subjects, then you should easily be able to charge between 50 to 100 per hour.

 you are good at standardized tests And if you don't want to go in person, you can tutor online there are tons of different platforms. For that yeah this is a cool side hustle because you're translating all that work, all that learning you've done over the years, and turning it into a great cash-flowing side, has that cantcancanrt today. If you have enough recurring clients, then you don't need that money to have a comfortable six-figure business and the way that I got started was postingpostingaigslist. That was how I got my first customer and then after that it was a lot of referrals the last episode we're talking about is helping people book flights using airline points as with everything on this list this does not require any money to start all you need is proper knowledge on how to take advantage of these credit card and airline point programs and finding great flights using them everything about this can be them everything about this can be learned online for free and what you can do is you can charge a 50 to 200 consulting fee per flight booked using your knowledge I'll tell you guys there are so many people like myself that want to book flights with points but don't really know how to do them or don't have the time to search up all the availabilities so basically what I would do is I'd offer a service where you hop on a quick 10 to 15 minute call someone they'll tell you a few destinations that they want to travel to the dates that they're available to go as well as the different types of points they already have and with that knowledge you're going to search for award availability there are other services out there that do something just like this I think they charge between one to three hundred dollars per one-way flight so you can see if you guys are good at this you can actually make a lot of money doing it and yeah the way I go about this business is I would create a lot of free content on social media platforms we're talking content where you educate your audience on how to you know get credit cards earn points rewards all that stuff and after you build up a good audience you're going to actually offer this consulting service I guarantee you there's gonna be a lot of people that want this exact service and the fact is that you're saving them a ton of money as well as time so that's why it's very easy to charge a good amount of money you can also start with friends and you can also start with friends and family offer to do the service for free or not that much money get some great testimonials and then build a website and start getting other clients overall this is such a great consulting side hustle that you guys can do without any money and I really do think that it has the potential to become a six or seven figure business so anyways those are 10 different side hustles that cost under a hundred dollars to start I really like getting creative with these videos I hope some of these side hustles you have not her about and yeah I'm just really passionate about teaching people how they can start earning money doing things beyond a nine to five job so if any of these side hustles resonated with you I recommend go out learn more about it and then just start taking action that really is the most important part if you haven't already use the links down below to get some free stocks all the resources we talked about in this video are also going to be down below if you guys enjoyed the video make sure to hit that like button and also subscribe for more content just like this I make a ton of videos about personal finance investing in entrepreneurship thanks so much for your time and I'll see you in the next video peace foreign policy. 

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