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Inch Calculator LogoInch CalculatorHi stan the annuity man, america's annuity agent, talking about annuity payout calculator reviews looking at all the sites out there that say they have what stand the annuity man has, which they don't so spoiler alert we're going to go through specifics, I'm not going to yell at the other sites, but I'm going to point out some things that you need to be aware of when you're running, quotes when you're looking for that magic number. That makes sense for you in your retirement planning the problem out. There is there's a lot of calculators that base the number on projections: hypotheticals, theoreticals, back-tested numbers. You can't you can't do that when you're talking about your retirement, you have to know what is going to happen. You have to plan on worst case scenario. You cannot base your plan on raging, bull market numbers or looking at the past 10 years.

You have to look at what's happening right now and what's contractual should there be estimates in there? That's non-guaranteed possibly, but you have to have guaranteed numbers as part of your plan unless you're master of the freaking universe- and I did say

freaking freaking, how do you spell that producer, f-r-I-c-k I-n and then with like a little apostrophe, so freaking my mom's still going to get mad when she sees these guys, dad you don't say the word freaking, because people will perceive that you're using the other word two of my mom of 83 is like go back to the bad chicken dinner seminar where you came from with and let those agents feed you which, by the way, my mom is a professional plate. Licker at these at these um these seminars, I did a podcast the other day. I have a podcast. If you haven't checked it out, it's called fun with annuities. Yes, it's great. My ceo came up with that uh title and we have experts on there. One of the experts I had on there you guys I go to these chicken dinner seminars that hear the bad sales pitches and he said. I think that his name is chuck jaffe. He goes. I think that I've been to more bad chicken dinner seminars than anyone on the planet. I'm like no no player. My mom has you beat. She goes three to four times a week in st augustine, florida and she's so good at it, she'll call that she'll get the the invitation in the mail beat, you know, be afraid of market volatility, learn how to market outside with no downside get an upfront button. My mom's, like goes to these things, but she'll call before she go say. What's for dessert, I need to know what's for dessert and she won't go if the dessert's, not good, because she's from the south I mean in the south, you eat the dessert first period. What am I talking about? I don't know, hit the music. Let's get back to it. Let's go. Let's go hit all right, I'm back.

all right i'm back you know they're
You know they're the people behind the camera, which is where all the brains are. I mean there's brains behind that camera. Man they're like where were you going with that? I don't know, I don't know I'm having fun, I'm standing annuity man, I'm america's annuity agent, I'm watching tv the other day and uh schwab. Has this commercial. I love schwab schwab love! You love you guys. Anyway, they have this commercial, where they have this calculator for retirement income and all this stuff, but it's based on your portfolio, so there's no guarantees, but it's really cool. I went to their site, I used it. I liked it. It was good, but I didn't see a lot of guarantees on there. I saw a lot of projections and based on what's happened and based on all this all their little algorithms and that that's good for your non-annuity assets. Your non-contractual guarantee assets, that's a good thing, so kudos to schwab, but I think they're selling it improperly, which is you, don't need an annuity. You don't need a another annuity in addition to your um social security, which is an annuity. You don't need more lifetime income floor guarantees. You just need our little calculator with the hypothetical theoreticals and the unicorns changing the butterflies and everything's wonderful in a bull market, because bull markets are wonderful, that's okay, but most of the calculators.

the butterflies and everything's
The retirement calculators you see out. There are based on that pie in the sky if it works, etc.

I did a podcast recently with a with the gentleman named wade fowle, you might know him pfau. If you don't know who wade vow is you need to know who way foul is because if there's a retirement income mount rushmore he's got one of the faces on it okay he's the smart guy in the room princeton economics phd the whole thing and he had a good point about the four percent rule and he said he did research and the four percent rule only works in the united states if you ran the four percent rule which is if you don't know what that is you have the portfolio and you just peel off four percent for income and you leave the portfolio intact he said it doesn't work in other countries but like he was saying in europe and japan it works like a third of the time well with portfolios that address you know all sectors you know the four percent rule are these estimated type calculators you need to think about that and when he said that I went wait foul you're smart and he goes I know no he didn't say that but he should have said that because he he's very smart so you need to be careful with projections you need some guarantees which leads us to my site the where you can do immediate annuity deferred income annuity qualified longevity annuity contract income rider guarantee income whether it's income now or income later we can tell you to the penny what that contractual guaranteed income is going to be and in combination with some site like a schwab that has that I think fidelity has that love I love you guys I love the love that's love they have these calculators that combine portfolios with non-guarantees and you just have to be careful I'm saying use mine in conjunction with theirs use mind for annuities use theirs for the non-annuities and it works out is another one that I love love you guys thankfully I love you man I love you you know that and I'm always telling people if you want to see the best cd race on the planet go to bankrate.

telling people if you want to see the
om one word but they also have some annuity stuff on there as well but it's not detailed they're not living in the world that I'm living in they're not

standing the annuity in america's
standing the annuity in america's annuity agent life's in all 50 states it wakes up in the morning and reminds my wife that my last name is the annuity man and I live and breathe this stuff and our calculators reflect that passion our calculator showed the best contractual guarantees out there we represent pretty much every single carrier that we can that allow and won't stand the annuity that's pretty much everybody I'm telling you right now but I'm just saying if you want guarantees you need to use our calculators be careful in that calculated world that retirement calculated world because like everything I mean you can punch in and get the number you want you can massage and get the number you want but with contractual guarantees there's no massaging I need I need to probably trademark that there's no massaging contractual guarantees they are what they are all right so the bottom line is know what kind of calculator you're using are you using a calculator that's an estimate are you using calculators like at the that are guarantees I think both can work together but I don't think you can only use the estimate I really don't I and you probably shouldn't use just the guarantee you need growth and if you need market growth you don't need an annuity but with the annuities for lifetime income that creates your income floor the guaranteed calculator and then the estimate for your other stuff yeah use that other stuff and I'm just going to put up my arm like I'm hugging them I mean here's schwab good job love you schwab I know I love you blank great and I love you all these I love you rosie fidelity fidelity's right here thank you fidelity short because I'm 66. Love all these people we can all work together but you just have to understand what you're looking at and not say well well this estimate looks good

yeah it's like putting together a workout plan and never working out we don't know what's going to happen have the guarantees in place have the income floor in place so that you can be a better investor hey do me a favor hit the subscribe button and I'll see you on the next stand the annuity ban youtube video

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