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best hosting for wordpress 2023
Hello, everyone. This is me Ali Raza, and in this video, I will discuss discussing some of the finest and some of the best WordPress web hosting companies to host your website. For those who don't know hosting is a process to host your website in case, if you want to run your blog or a company website, you need hosting on the internet to run your website so WordPress, which is one of the most common popular uh. Cms content management, web hosting platform, uh WordPress, this video is going to be about some of the best WordPress hosting companies to choose from so uh, be with me because I will be discussing uh video uh different companies with their prawns and with their cons.

What kind of positive points do they have, what kind of negative points do they have and why you should adopt them, and why you should not opt for them? So be with me, because this video is going to be very exciting and in the end, I will have a queue. I have a question for you which, for which uh the answer I will be looking in the comments box so stay with me in this video so, as I said that 43 percent of the web is powered by WordPress, and that is the most one of the most commonly popular uh method to host your website.

For that sources is over here to verify my saying regarding 43, so it is as of august 2022 uh. Now the question is: choosing the right web hosting company and choosing the right web hosting company is very important for you because you are going to host your website only, new and in case, and if an issue arises, your website will be offline, and nobody. Nobody will be able to see your website or open your website, which can cause downtime and a huge business for a huge loss for your business if your data is lost on the internet, which is why? Because you do not have a backup or a poor backup or any issue, it all comes to the hosting company, which is you so choosing a hosting company is a very important, uh part of your online presence. So now the coming to the uh WordPress hosting. What kind of a word pressing hosting are over there, there are four types with four banks, so let me fill those back, so the number one uh most common is uh, shared hosting, which is a hosting where, where we buy hosting from in an actually in a big server, we buy a small portion to host. This is ideally suitable for beginners bloggers or small businesses, which do not have many uh requirements. You know not. Many people are visiting their website not used in my website, not with uh, like a huge thing to download very good reseller hosting is a slightly bigger version for it and in case, if you want multiple accounts, let's say if you own multiple websites and if you want to host them, reseller hosting, is a very good place and in reseller hosting you also have a chance to sell hosting to other people as well.

So here are little bigger plans in the shade hosting and you can create uh small accounts from that big account uh through the seller account. The third part is uh. I forgot, and that is was the third part- is dedicated servers uh, have you heard about dedicated servers, dedicated uh, dedicated servers, uh dedicated servers are a big service in case. If you have a very huge demand in case, if you want to host a very big website, dedicated servers are a key to hosting your website.

So in case, if I have a website with a who, thousands or even I mean thousands four thousand, even though this is fine, but even if in case, if I have a website with millions of visitors and I get like a huge demand of resources, server resources dedicated servers are good for me or in case. If I want to host my company server, and my company has huge people opening our website, we have all online login places and different functions. We want dedicated servers thing is uh recommended for big companies only and one part which I forgot is uh. VPS VPS ween a reseller and dedicated, although I forgot there's a part, so let me correct it over here. The third part is VPS hosting, and the fourth is dedicated service or dedicated hosting so what happens in VPS hosting is in VPS hosting uh it's a virtual private server hosting, let's say on a computer.

There are different drives like a c drive or a d drive or anan d e drive in the case. If you want a particular drive, note the whole computer, you are going to offer the VPS system, so if my requirements are bigger than reseller and smaller than dedicated hosting I'm going to offer the VPS hosting uh. So there are four types of hosting available in the case. If you are a beginner in case, if you are a newbie in case, if you have a small business in case, if you're starting out or in case, or if you're a general user, I recommend going with the shared hosting don't go with reseller VPS dedicated unless or until you are an advanced user, so I do not recommend opting for higher plans just go with the shared, even ensure there are multiple plans. So let's get started uh with some of the finest companies which I recommend you to go for your web hosting requirements. For your WordPress system so be with me so, let's move on to the first uh web hosting company, that is in motion hosting company uh. What are the codes and processes before moving on to the pros and cons? Let us visit their website to see their plans. Let me copy this and here, okay, let me open the new window. I mean here I go new window you are so this is the WordPress hosting plan.

You can see their plans starting from a dollar three point: nine dollars goes to fifteen point nine dollars and be sure to check. You are selecting two years plan uh. This is a one-year plan and this is a one-month plan. So in one month, only this plan is available, and in one year there are all of the plans available and the cheapest option you can get is in the two years plan uh you can see they have unlimited website options available with all of the plans, except the first plan, which is a dollar two point: nine dollars, but they have uh hundred uh, unlimited uh storage capacity, which is a very good function. Free lifetime, SSL, uh, unlimited bandwidth unlimited email address, apart from the basic plan where it's just trend, uh, it's a 10 email address only so you can see three PHP jobs.

We can do so. Let's move back to the content pros here, so the pros SSD hosting 2001 found it in case. If you are a first-time buyer, you are going to get 250 free advertising credits with google ads, bing ads, and different advertising platforms. They have a 90-day, money, money-back guarantee, which is the best uh in case. If you have any problem uh in case, if it doesn't work with you, well uh, you get 90 days. No question asked money back guarantees the bad thing. The bad thing with them is that they do not provide free backups they charge for the backup. So god forbid if something happens to your website, some viruses are all right even to a server where collectively all of the websites are being hosted uh. So you get a problem and uh you will be in trouble. So that is a bad thing, but still many people use it, and uh hacking doesn't happen with everyone, so that is your personal preference. There are some complaints of uptime on the basic plan, but if you go without a bigger plan, like the second plan or more uh, you won't be having any problems like from launch uh or power.

If the best one is, the pro has come as to the uptime is the question, but that is basic, or that is based on the some of the people, complaints uh. So in case, if you are using it from uh before so, even if it's working fine go with it uh now, moving on to the second option, and that is a blue host. You know, I have seen blue host ads everywhere on the internet. They have advertised very, very well uh, an extremely popular company uh. Let's check out some of their plans uh. These are their WordPress hosting plans, so you can see them. Uh starts from a dollar, 2.95 goes to 13.95, and this is based on 12-month pricing they also have a three-year passing as well. Where I mean okay, so it's cheaper in 12 months, so go with the 12 months.

Plan The planplansdoesn'tdoesn'tthe three years plan. It is more to pay for 12 months plan uh one website unlimited, unlimited, unlimited, whereas in motion has uh unlimited storage from the second plan onwards. Here they provide 20, 20, GB, 40, GB, 100, GB, and SSD storage, and they also give you a free domain for one year and they also have CDN content. This uh delivery network is included, which makes your website load very fast. They also have a free SSL certificate for the first year in the basic plan and uh SSL certificate. No questions were asked from the second plan upward. Even the third plan. They have a free, automated backup delivery. So that is a very good thing about them. They have a serving of two million websites worldwide. They are officially recommended by WordPress like using our host to use their hosting because WordPress is recommending you. That is a good turnout for them uh the problems they have. They have untrained trainees at support, maybe because their uh system is too big. They have hosted more than two million websites which, which my uh people, complain about because they need an ample amount of support, so their trainee, they need to keep on hiring new attorneys trainees for their support, so they are so actually they should hide. Uh, trade, one of the people has to ask for level two support because most of their questions do not get answered and have time wasted for both the customer as well as for the company, and the second thing I wanted to do is about being cautious.

While doing checkouts for small add-ons uh like uh, you know there was a guy who said that I was doing a checkout and they automatically included SEO. The services plan is t caucautiouslyile doing a checkout, and you should check wisely whether they have added something apart without your content or not so make sure to select that as well. This is the marketing image, so people do it. The third company and that is the siteground hosting siteground hosting- is a very good host, very good and very old company running from 1996.99, it's like 22 plus for 26 years old, hosting company, very old hosting company. So let us see their plans as well.

So the plan, starting from three point nine dollars second place six point nine dollar third one is ten point six nine nine dollars uh they also have a space uh 10 gb 20 gb 40 gb uh unlike in in motion where it was unlimited in uh blue host second one is 20 gb 40 gb like 10 20 40 same 10 20 40 they also have a visitors cap on uh 10 000 bits monthly one lakh with this month or four lakh with its monthly they also have a free wordpress installation and wordpress migration services wireless migration services are required when you are moving from one hosting company to another hosting company you need a wordpress migration so in case if you are running from another using another hosting company and you do not like that hosting company and you want to move to siteground they have a free wordpress migrator service available for you they also have free cdn free ssl daily backup daily backups are actually very important very good so if they are doing it very good and uh um and in case if you see uh they have 30 days money back guarantee 100 enable energy match out of the box caching so all the plan seems good let's move on to the pros and cons so limited storage like storage options are limited in the siteground as well as the bluehost as well but the bluehost has a bigger plant as well and they have three plants just limited uh they their renewables are expensive so it's uh easy cheaper for first time either you buy for one year two year or three year but it's cheaper for the first time the next time your renewal it's going to be slightly expensive be cautious with it uh and uh another thing about them is actually I was you know that is actually not for side ground and that is that they have a 30 days money back guarantee they have wp migration service available which I personally like free wordpress migration service free free ssl certificates and free daily backups

so this is another good point about them now moving on to our other company which is wp engine and wp engine even the name has WPA but the web is a short abbreviation for WordPress so let's look I have a basic or planned overview of the website choose your vintage hosting plans you can see the plans are over here you can select like they have different professional plans 39

77 193 custom so you have multiple options available with the first plan of where we can host one website 20 per month 25 000 visits 10 gb storage and 50 gb bandwidth so you can say that they are actually expensive but the good thing about is company built exclusively for wordpress website very fast their speed is very fast I personally recommend in case if you have money and because I say speed is everything because a second late is the second launch and as a marketer we do not want our visitor to think about something else while they are browsing our website and I want all of the retention on my website so which is why I recommend it in case if you can support I this will be my one of my pure recommendations to go for the wp engine and another thing good about them is that they have around 55 percent of staff as a female so they are also doing women empowerment and that is a good thing so that is another pro I like to say that they are actually supporting the greater cause of women empowerment they also have a very exclusive very good support but the bad thing about them is they do not provide email service you have to buy it separately and their plans are limited on visitor visitors like every plan has a visitor limit 25 000 visitor they are based on seventy five thousand one lakh four lakh so that is more or oriented to visitors so that is actually a bad thing and they are also they are only for breakfast in case if you have another platform uh this won't be for you so that is actually a bad

thing but yet they are extremely optimized uh for WordPress and extremely fast for WordPress so which is why I recommend in case if you are hosting WordPress, uh this will be one of my top recommendations to offer to this next company and thatostgator whose getter let me know sorry I mean I put the wrong link here and that is hosting that I wanted to discuss sorry that is about Hostgator and I actually uh written a wrong link Hostgator

let me see for wordpress watching and I can find it and we can add it no shoes okay hostgator is actually one of the old companies and I have been like bluehost I have also seen their massive advertisement uh massively they have advertised so they have three plans one site with 100 visitors 1gb backup second with 2gb backup third with 3gb backup they have uh office starting from 5.95 both till 9.95 just make sure that all of the plans uh vary from year to year basis so make sure be cautious with it they do not have any set of fees their prices are attractive they have a cpanel which is a very famous industry-based control panel available which has a lot of functions slightly difficult with the ui but cpanel is has ample of functions to cover it so if you slightly know about uh web hosting go for it and the bad thing about them is they have a poor customer service the charge premium service for integration if you want to do something like a migration from the company to company you are slightly difficult for companies but still massively popular company and very good company so that is also an option you can offer now moving on the question which I saw and that was what is the best web hosting uh wordpress hosting company in canada so actually there are two famous wordpress hosting companies available in canada number one is hostpapa and number second is bluehost although bluehost do not have any servers in canada but yet they are very fairly common in canada so I

recommend these are the famous WordPress hosting companies in Canada now moving forward to the best WordPress hosting companies in India where I landed first and number one is hosting and number second is Bluehost so you know hosting is over here uh I even hopefully open the hosting link so here you can see this is the move one of the very famous company in India hosting that uh you can see over here hosting has plans from one two three four plans starting from one point nine dollars still goes to eleven point five nine dollars slightly cheaper and yet good uh one GB the first plan is on the base from one website second is very good because it has a 100 website option the space 100 GB SSD storage goes till 200 GB SSD storage they also provide free SSL services for from second plan onwards they have a free domain as well unlimited bandwidth managed WordPress WordPress acceleration multi-site

WordPress 30 days money back guarantees unlimited databases and multiple data centers they have they also have a data center in India so which is why it is another famous option in India the second most famous company in India for WordPress hosting is Bluehost now moving on to another question that is best WordPress posting in the UK so there are three companies in uh two companies in UK uh number one which is very famous side ground and number second is going, daddy tey they those are two massively popular companies in UK

for WordPress hosting so if you are living in the UK and you are looking for the best option for WordPress hosting these are your two options now moving on to the best web WordPress hosting companies in Australia in Australia as far as I've seen over the internet there two most famous companies are Bluehost and hosting again so hosting was famous in India as well as in Australia as well so these are the two and Bluehost is a champ because it is very famous everywhere so these two companies are very good in case if you are buying from in Australia Bluehost and hosting now the question is what are the famous uh WordPress hosting companies in USA so all of the companies which are listed in the star start I am famous in America in USA but the three moves are siteground doubly WordPress engine number three is Bluehost they are you can see that Bluehost is being constant in becoming famous everywhere in the world so that is also very famous

so now moving on to the conclusion so I tried to discuss some of the finest web hosting companies uh available uh I mean uh some of the companies even if you want to buy hosting right now or if in case if you want to buy hosting later on I know that you are going to rethink about the options I have given to you or whenever you want to buy hosting you ha my video is going to come in your mind like I have to buy and hosting and I have to see the pros and cons in this video I have discussed in detail about the codes and pros of different web hosting companies available for wordpress I discussed some of the pros and somehow discussed some of the negatives uh talked with you in detail about the positive side of them talk with your detailing about the negative side along with the prices uh along with the functions they have so it's all up to you on which hosting company you like but my question from you which I said in the start is that which wordpress hosting company is you are going to choose after watching this video I will be waiting for your answer in the comments box so don't forget to come write in the comment box about which wordpress hosting company you are going to select after this video or which wordpress hosting company is in your mind or what is your favorite wordpress hosting

the company I will be looking forward to your answers in the comments box so thank you for watching my video and Byers 

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