Best Passive Income Ideas For Beginners

Best Passive Income Ideas For Beginners
You're the best passive income ideas of this year and how complete beginners earn 100 to 700 a day in their sleep mode that, after the intro so bill gates.

One says this: if you do not find a way to make money in your sleep, then you will work until you die, which is why my entire life I've always always been fascinated about. The concept of earning passive income. Now I didn't care about making millions of dollars. I didn't care about doing all these things, but what I cared about was just having my time back, because when I was younger, I, remember seeing my mom and dad working and slaving away, 8 to 10 to 12 hours a day at a job that was destroying their souls and ruining their health and I knew earlier on when I grew older when I wanted to go ahead and make money when I wanted to go ahead and have a family that I did not want to be stuck in the same confinement of trading. My time for money right, but the only problem with most places, is they don't teach you that you could earn the passive income they're like oh, you know, go to school, get your grades, get a job, and then trade, your life for money and then, when you're 65 you could then retire and then guess what you could die right and after that, it's just such a very, very sad life, so for everyone, that's watching this. You need to find a way to escape the matrix and start earning passive income online, and these are the three ways that I have found it. The first way is physical. The second way is digital and the third way is through investments now, even if you don't have any money, to begin with, these are still the top three best passive income ideas because it builds on top of each other right? So let's break this down. Well, the granddaddy of like, for example, passive income, where it happened before the internet before everything before people had a lot of money was, of course through, for example, real estate. Whatever someone thinks about passive income, they think about real estate.

Now that also transitions to the digital aspect of things, so, even if you don't have time money or experience, you could have digital real estate, but for you to understand digital real estate and the passive income that comes from digital real estate, you need to understand physical real estate. So the first step understanding what physical real estate is, how that generates passive income, and moving that over to the next other categories. So the concept is very popularized in, for example, rich dad, poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki. It's like one of the things where, if you take like the red pill or the blue pill, it's the thing that kind of like red pills you and awakens you too, for example, the ability to earn money separated from your time.

Does that make sense that poor people will go ahead and trade their time for money right, even like like, even though they could get paid like, for example, high-end dentists and doctors, they're still trading their time for money, so they're always going to be time broke? Well, rich people never trade their time for money but allow something to cash flow to pay them. While they sleep now the example that they use is, for example, a poor person, would go to a bank and take a mortgage right. They take a mortgage and a loan and every single month now they would go ahead and use that mortgage to go ahead and buy the house and live in it. But then they would have to pay the bank two thousand dollars a month to pay off the mortgage right. So essentially, once they get that mortgage and live in that house, they have to spend two thousand dollars a month for years for decades and then maybe decades in the future. They pay their house off right. So that's a poor person. Now a rich person would take the same house, the same mortgage, and the same loan, but instead of paying two thousand dollars a month to the bank account right, they go ahead and find somebody else to rent from them to pay them. Two thousand five hundred dollars, so guess what? When someone pays them? Two thousand five hundred dollars right? They keep five hundred dollars and then they give the two thousand dollars to the bank, so, even though they're in debt, it's good debt because its cash flows, that's passive income. Does that make sense, so using kind of like those little debt instruments to go ahead and create passive income by leveraging a bank and real estate and getting somebody else to essentially pay off the debt?

Does that make sense, that is the first level of, for example, you know passive income literally that arbitrage method, where you have good debt and bad debt right? Does that make sense? Now? How does that move over to, for example, digital real estate? Well, one of the first ways that I made passive income online was literally through digital real estate. Right now, let's take that mortgage example. What did I do? I found some mortgage right and got it on the house, but then that monthly payment of two thousand dollars I found somebody else to pay a little bit higher than that. So, even though I found somebody else to pay higher than that, even though I borrowed the money, I still profited 500, now the first way that I did this online was literally through arbitrage right?

So what I did is I created digital real estate, where I essentially took a bunch of pictures from amazon and just posted it up on eBay right now, which I didn't own. A single physical product, okay, I literally just took the pictures from amazon and threw it up on eBay right now oh now it existed on eBay's real estate on digital real estate. Right now guess what I found I could get like a widget on, for example, amazon for ten dollars right, but on eBay I could sell it for fifteen dollars now, let's even do very similar to, for example, the real estate example. I could get it like, instead of two thousand dollars a month to pay off the mortgage and getting somebody to pay me 2 500 a month and I pocket the difference if I could get like, for example, a product on. Let's just say, amazon right? If I could find a product for two thousand dollars on amazon and throw it up on eBay for two thousand five hundred dollars, let's do like some kitchen appliance or a big barbecue grill or a nice table or a big couch right, if I could do that, every single month say I make two thousand five hundred dollars from a sale on eBay great I. Get that two thousand five hundred dollars save my cost on amazon was two thousand dollars. Cool, I already made two thousand five hundred dollars. I'll just take the two thousand dollars to pay that debt off, which was like only a second right because I already made a sale, so I already essentially had the money right, and then just like that out-of-pocket 500. So that is the second way to create passive income right, one is with physical, real estate. The second one is digital real estate rights. You always want to go ahead and do that.

But in that case, it's even less risky because guess what I'm doing not taking a mortgage out from a bank right, I'm, literally just waiting when I have somebody who already wants to buy the product. That is when I essentially buy the product at a lower cost, but instead of buying low and selling high I sell high first, so I get the money, and then I buy low. So at that point I, remember: I was like doing this so much while I was getting to the point.

I was making a hundred dollars a day, profit right, a hundred dollars a day profit, and this was when I had no money. I was on the taco, bell diet. The ramen, and noodle diet and I started making a hundred dollars a day. Profit coming in now. A really good thing about this passive income idea is, you could double dip so because I had to buy the inventory anyways at a lower cost and I already had the money all I had to do was to add more passive income. My entire repertoire was to get travel rewards, credit cards, or cashback cards. ow, every single time I spend money on that. Sometimes you can get one two two three, and sometimes four percent cash back on the cost of goods of certain products that you go out and buy, depending on the travel awards cards that you go ahead and do right. I remember at that point: I was making so much money in passive income just by using a credit card, but instead of using a credit card to buy dumb things like, for example, a tv or drinks at a bar, use I st to rack up the travel awards points and then pay it off immediately from the customer's money, so imagine this not only did I create a bunch of passing from products that I did not have to go ahead and use or create at all right, but I also had a bunch of travel award points that allowed me to travel for free I was staying in, like hotels for free I was flying first class or business class for free. All these things were just because of using these little instruments of, for example, creativity when it comes to making passive income. Does that make sense now that it moves even forward right, so I wanted to go ahead and test this other thing up for passive income right, so I was like okay I, really like this digital real estate to own the piece of one platform and to sell a product, you don't have to create?

That's when I moved over to affiliate marketing right so kind of like where my business is right now in terms of passive income, how it brings in seven figures a year and I, don't have to do much because I create digital real estate and then I sell products that I don't have to ship that I don't have to manage that I, don't have to hire people for so it's essentially an arbitrage play as well. Right, I have a company that essentially built a product kind of like how someone's already selling on amazon and I just find a new market to sell that product that they can't go ahead and find it on so in this.

In the eBay example, I would sell it from amazon to eBay, right? So essentially, what I did is I found products that already had existing companies right? That already made sales, because then I didn't have to go ahead and build the business. Does that make sense? Because building a business, it could be passive income, but it takes decades to build and you have to be good at hiring and firing. So here when I started, finding products that already existed, I didn't have to worry about managing a team. I could build a big password income idea or business without me having to do all the hard work. So once I found that guess what I did I started building digital real estate. So what was my digital real estate? Well uh, one of the first ways that I did. It was getting good at creating ad creatives, so Facebook ads, youtube ads, google ads Pinterest ads all those things tick-tock ads. Those are pieces of real estate that exist online. That when people see that I gain the attention and mental real estate of people, then I move them over to, for example, a product that I don't even have to create myself.

So that's one way: another way is creating youtube videos like this another way is creating blog articles right I interviewed a bunch of people that created blogs that were now making six figures a year just from their blogs in passive income for products that they are recommending right, how insane is that? Are you guys getting this right? What else is passive income uh building a blog and ranking it on Pinterest? Some people just have a simple Pinterest account and a blog that makes six figures a month and they only write two articles a week. How insane is that right? Like and the coolest thing about this is they have their time back, so that would be the second form of passing income, which would be digital real estate.

Now the third way is the obvious way. After all those things, that's investing now I'm, not a financial advisor. This isn't financial advice, but literally like the granddaddy like purple, warren Warren said the best ways to just. If you have no idea at all about investing just find a good index fund like vanguard and just throw it in there and then get back to work right so again, this is in financial advice: I'm, not a financial advisor but I. Let me tell you exactly my past winning philosophy, so my main passive income vehicle is the digital real estate model right. But the main goal is to move that over for me into an index fund where I could safely withdraw four percent out every single year for the rest of my life now the reason why? Because index funds traditionally grow like from like eight to ten percent a year right? So if it's growing eight to ten percent a year and I only pull out four percent, then theoretically if I had, a million dollars in and I pulled out, 40 grand a year. Every single year for the rest of my life by the time I die I would probably end up with more than a million dollars still, even though I was pulling in forty thousand dollars out a year. Does that make sense right? So that's kind of like the beauty of, for example, index ones and, for example, past income. Investing from that, that's why like, for example, warren BuffWarrenaid if you do not know how to go ahead and, for example, choose and pick companies right. That's why he would just recommend for the layman's terms or someone that doesn't understand, investing just picking an index fund and just literally dollar cost average until you die right and that's kind of like my philosophy.

With that my main cash flow passive income business is my digital real estate and then I'm just like parking it into, for example, index ones, because the coolest thing is you just think about: okay, what how much passive income you essentially need, if it's 40 grand a year for the rest of your life and you're a single person, male-female, whatever that's fine right, so you would essentially need like a million dollars in that, and then you could kind of have that just live off of that for the rest of your life. If you want more, then you would go ahead and, for example, increase that nest egg. But that's why the first two are like probably the most important things because you learn skill sets in building those passive income vehicles that allow you to become more valuable, and in this day and age, the more value you become, the more money you end up, making the more money you attracted to you and if you want us to hold your hand- and you want us to teach.

you exactly how people are creating passive income machines and going from zero to six figures their first year and passive income makes you sign up for the six free workshops below check out this video in this podcast video and I'll see you guys later everything

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