hire an app developer on Fiverr to create an entire app!

hire an app developer on Fiverr to create an entire app!
I paid $200 on Fiverr to get an AppGyver app. And you're going to see the entire process. You're going to be learning three things in this video. Number one, the type of app that I got built. Number two, the tech stack in the features of that app, and number three, the results that I even liked the app, what I would've done differently. All of those things. To begin, let's talk about what Fiverr is. It's a platform where you can hire freelancers for just about anything. If you're looking for podcast editing, video, editing, copywriting ads, you name it. I use this more than nine years ago when I first opened my gym, where I was making commercials and I would just pay different voice actors to do videos on a green screen, just to test them. We have the magic weight loss gain mood enhancer pill you've always wanted. It's called hard work. Boom, mind blown! It was a failure.

Let's start with number one, the type of app. I went on Fiverr and found someone proficient in AppGyver and I wanted them to build an internal tool. Now here's a little bit of details on what I was looking for for that internal tool. I was using it for business expenses, and I wanted to see a few key areas. Number one, s an area to input the name of the business. I wanted a tool to record expenses. This is key. I wanted to calculate profit and loss statements for each week. Then I wanted to calculate refund rates weekly, a user manually inputs, income, and re-refund rate to calculate the refund rate. So what's interesting right here, I highlighted what I wanted and texamplesmples of what I would want to see. Then I wanted a tab to put input profit and loss generate answers. Additionally, I wanted to write a list of operating expenses for the business and then tab, to write notes in the notes that were there. So I could assign tasks to other people in the business. Uh, now I'm just using this for myself, but I had two other people thinking about it, I could assign it to the team and it was just seeing what it would look like and how they were going to structure all those things in app diver, which leads us into point number two, the tech stack and the features I wanted to use app Guiver because a lot of people in the comments have been asking us, what would it look like to get a developer to make something with app Guiver? And so we use this platform. I was fine with using Afghan Gover and the database. I was fine if they were going to use the app cover database or any third party that they wanted, the developer requested to use Zeno and Zeno is a backend that you can be connecting with different platforms, such as app drivers. So I didn't see a problem whatsoever. So that's why they decided to use the app Guiver and then Zeno and Zeno have different prices? And there's a whole video of us breaking down what Zeno has the features and pricing. But I started with the free plan with Zeno and we used the app Guiver, which is free for up to 10 million. So those were the two platforms that we use for this project. hu

Now, before we go into what it looks like, let's talk about design. I wasn't really specific. I think about design because internal tools for me personally, I don't need it to look like a great app that I'm going to be putting on the app store. I just needed it to work. So I was pretty lenient. I didn't have any mock-ups or details of what I was looking for. I just needed it to do those things and then go from there. So I left it up to the developer. We're going to be looking at, uh, what it turned out, and let me know in the comment section down below, are you thinking about hiring a developer? Are you thinking about just hiring a coach? Let me know where you're at in your business. All right. So let's take a look at what the app looked like, what I thought about it, and all those things. So we just logged into the app Gover account, and this is the basic format of what the app looked like. Now we'll look at the preview, I'll launch it. All right. So this is the one that they built. I'm going to log in. This is a mobile version that we had.

Okay. So right here I have the, uh, business name. So I could add a business name that I want. So I have a brand factory, which is our business. Let's just, um, do another app builder pro it says add successfully. Okay, cool. And remember when you're using different, if you're using third-party backends, like a database versus app Gover, there is sometimes a timing. Uh, you just got to keep that in mind. Now what I've noticed. Aha. This is what I noticed a couple of times when I when it's trying to think or do too much, I'm already getting errors right here. It says access denied. I'm getting those things. So not an error. I'm getting these things now. Let's see. I'm going to go back for a second. Let's go and start it up again. All right. So I'm going to log in, look, and then right off the bat, then I have the two that I just mentioned. Right? So I just said app builder pro, I have that. And I have both, so I have the brand factory one where I can go into it and uh, and see this report. I'm going to go back to builder pro let's go in this fresh. Okay. So right here, I am getting, you know, income expenses right there. So just a couple of things. Let's see. It has all the tabs that I want. Right. So I have a main tab to go to here. I have a home page and income expenses notes. So I have the tabs. One thing that I will say that is not present is it's not giving me the aggregate of like my refund rate. Right? So if I have income expenses, where would my refund rate come in? It's not here. I can have input. I can have the income here, expenses and notes. I will say when I was adding my income and expenses, I did four different incomes and expenses. And then I'm getting a warning from Xeno saying that I maxed out my free plan with four entries. I know how that's possible. That's something that I was a little bit concerned about. If I go I'll, I'll take you to the brand factor on when I entered. Right. So right here, I just said income, and you can see this as an affiliate commission test charge. So it is keeping track and it's calculating correctly expenses. As I said, zoom is $29. It's adding that. Right. So it is tracking those things and then the notes, I need to stop spending so much on snacks. Right. So, it allows me to put in notes. I can add in description. So it is tracking those things, but I'm going to say testing the live testing note description, I need help with my life. So I do this save, okay? Added, successfully, go back to home, go back to notes. Right. So I just had that, it added it twice right there. So I don't get warnings when I'm doing those notes right there. And I would have wanted the notes after I await where the notes go. There we go.

A couple of things like that. Right. So I had to go back to it sank it for a second, and came back. Okay. So let's overview. Let's talk about the overview of the design, the design of it. It's pretty basic. Uh, it's serviceable. It works not a problem. When I click on the images, it goes to the other pages, which is nice. The open, the tabs, right there. I'll go to notes. That's not bad. Um, but the main feature that I was looking for, was that I had my notes, I needed to calculate the refund rate. I don't see anywhere where it's calculating the refund rate.

Right. So there's that, there's that, um, overall, I mean the images, everything like this, I'm not too much of a stickler with that just because I wasn't very clear of the colors or what I wanted it to look like. So I didn't ask for anything. So can't hold that against the developer. I would say that because these things are in place, it's pretty easy for me to change out images. If I wanted to change out, I appreciate that. It's just framed up in a way that I can then edit. And those kinds of things, what I did notice is like income and then expenses, expenses we could have just made the font a little bit smaller or change the positioning. So expenses would be on one line. That's a picky thing, but that's like something that I would've wanted. And again, so I'm seeing income expenses and open notes. So out of three out of the four features are there, but the most important, and maybe I should have said this in my documentation, the most important part of the app that I wanted, was four to calculate the refund rate. And it's just not here. Let me know in the comment section, what you think, and by the way, you get what you pay for. I paid $200 for this. What I would say is if I'm even struggling with putting together composition for the app, Guiver how the pages work together. All of those things for $200 to get the basic pages set up, having everything together for me, and then going from there, that's something that I would pay for number two, I would probably say, I would want like app Guiver the database. I don't want to use Zana or something like that. I still have to look into it. I have no idea what it says. It maxed out my Xero account, like no joke, and said like, all my calls are already done. Okay. So a thousand total records you saw how many that I was doing like four and I was getting errors. Also. You just saw as well, some of the things I was getting were some kind of errors as well. Uh, when I was inputting some of the information, especially logging in. And then when I refresh the page, it was fine. Let me know when you're in the comment section down below, what do you think? Was it worth the money? Let me know, personally, as I look at it, um, for $200 and peace of mind of just someone putting the infrastructure for my app with app Guiver, I would have been satisfied if I wasn't getting the errors, I was getting number one, uh, the loading time was pretty low.

So I was concerned about that. Again, I, I going to assume it's because it's sinking with the database, but again, it could be something else. I wasn't thrilled with that. I'm going, to be honest with you. Uh, if I'm giving this a score of zero to 10, I would give it probably a 4.5 experience. Something like that. It gave me the bones of what I was looking for. Crickety bones that are slightly jacked up, but they're the ones I can work with. The more problem I have the more errors have I. And what do I do with it? I brought this up. Didn't get a clear indication of why this was happening. And so, yeah, it was just a ma and I'm being polite, being a ma would I also hire another developer on fiber? Um, my track record working with different developers or even working with, um, copywriters are proficient and very specific things like, um, CRMs, like active campaigns. I have not had an experience that has made it easy for me to transition to more technical things. I've used Fiverr. I've never perfect, perfected things. Um, but when it comes to like very technical things, I have not. And also too, it started at the lower tier of how much I'm paying. So for me to be like, I can't believe this isn't at the top. Well, paying $200. It's limited also with app driver, how many different developers use the platform? This could be different if you're using something like a bubble and then two, would I necessarily go on Fiverr or would I go with another agency that vets those types of, um, developers for bubble there are pros and cons on each, in the comment section below, let me know what you thought about the video, what you thought about this challenge.

If you want to see more of this, if you want to start hiring different devs for your different ideas, or if you think this was a great project, let me know in the comments section as well. If you like these kinds of videos, make sure that you like and subscribe to the channel. We do this every single week, creating businesses for you. You don't always get what you want. Your skin isn't perfect when you go to bed. You don't look good naked while sitting down. But at CrossFit Hagerstown, we have the magic weight loss gain, mood enhancer pill you've always wanted. It's called hard work. People don't want to hear that though. People change the subject, change the channel, and click other banner ads that show instant results in the next three hours. There's no substitution for hard work though. But right here, we get you to your goals. We give you the mental toughness and that outlook to make you work hard. We help you keep to your goals. When you're tired, we don't yell at you to get up and keep going. We encourage you to keep fighting and you know what you'll find out. You like it. You'll find out you like the feeling of hard work and you'll be hooked to keep making yourself a better person.

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