How To Make Money Online With Bots in 2023

How To Make Money Online With Bots in 2023
This reveals how to make money online using robots and how complete beginners earn 100 to 700 a day with no experience after the intro, hey guys mike fasila, here. Welcome to this video before we gonna remind you that some spots have opened up for this week's free workshop or it's the fastest and easiest way to make money online so sign up for the link below. We have a 62-year-old woman, who goes from zero to 160 000 in profit in as little as 90 days, so check it out now. So I had no idea. This was gonna happen right and using this method. What happened is a bunch of normal ordinary people, just like you and I started going from zero to thirty thousand dollars a month like Dina stayed home at age, 47 years old, using robots in bots online. How the heck was this all able to happen? Let me tell you a story of like I said all this accidentally happening so several years ago. I ended up moving to, for example, Asia right I wanted to leave America because I thought that all my friends and family weren't supportive- and I was like you know what if I could just position myself in front of people that were already making money and get around the conversations where people were talking about how to make it.

Instead of just having to save it, I know that naturally, I will get smarter right, so I took a one-way trip.

Ticket to Asia started meeting a bunch of mentors and started learning how to make money. Now, one mentor that I met in Bali uh we ended up getting on this podcast right here. You can see where uh we were doing like a podcast and an interview shout out to all the people that have seen this interview before it ended up blowing up. Like nearly half a million views in a couple of weeks and more and more people started coming in from like the ethers over the internet learning how to exactly making money online now the beauty about this is the more people that come into our community, the more we get it kind of like mastermind and network with each other to find out what works even more, right, especially when we go ahead and meet people up in live in person right. We can go ahead and take what everyone else is doing from all the various ways to go out and make money online and put them all together, and that's essentially what happened when all these people started coming in from this, like one video right, we started masterminding certain ways on how to make more money and one of the guys came in and said, hey. I took the same method that was already working except now I use robots and I and Gary are like what you use robots? What do you mean by that? Well, I use robots to go ahead and sell these products that I don't have to touch or create or ship myself

and I make most of the money and he shared with us this entire concept, which now I'm sharing with you and, like I said it's, the same concept where people in our community were able to go from zero to 30 grand a month in five to eight weeks ilio made a hundred grand in two months, Greg at age, 58 years old went from zero to thirty grand a month in five to eight weeks with this method. Now let me just share with you what the robots do. Let me play this: if you wear glasses or contacts, you must see this a Japanese Nobel prize-winning site so that one video it's three minutes. It's made with robots, robot voices, and robot technology to go ahead and make this video. It's not one. You know! No one shows their face on camera, it's all stock footage, but it essentially got 26 million views robots made this, and the robots on youtube ads and google ads were essentially what promoted this video now. Imagine this. It doesn't matter who you are you get 26 million views on anything you're gonna make money. If you understand how to monetize it does that make sense, that's the beauty of using robots in ai technology. You could do all of the hard work and just give it to the robots and ai to go ahead and do most of the heavy lifting does that make sense? So how do I go ahead and, for example, do something for this? Well, if you're trying to make money, you need to go out and sell a product, but the problem is most people e is like.

Well, I don't have a product. I, like I, don't, have money to go ahead and buy products from china. Well, the beauty about that is. If you go ahead and sign up for Clickbank, which is free, they have thousands of products. You could already start selling right? If I scroll down check this out, and look at this here is an e-commerce supplement for weight loss. It'll pay. You 152, commission 152 commission for this product now think about how crazy this is. This is essentially how this business works. You have you know, for example, someone. That's unhappy, they have a pain point. Maybe they want to lose weight. Maybe they want to make more money. Maybe they want to learn Russian. I don't know if they have some type of appointment. Then they go and see this thing that was created by robots, so robots created this content right this ad right here on youtube: they got 26 million views and then you send them to a product like on Clickbank. That makes money. So essentially what happens is if you can get it to the point where you're making three dollars every single time. You run that ad. You can essentially take that ad, spend it more on ads and just continue playing this money game where you spend a dollar, make three dollars, spend three dollars: make nine dollars, spend nine dollars, make thirty dollars and that's exactly how they're able to scale so fast and Clickbank does all the shipping and handling right with higher ticket products right.

So how would I go ahead and create this well very simple, what they do in a very unique way that we teach them and we're going to show you exactly how we do this later on in this video right? But, as you can see, this was just made from a script. Now, how do you find the script? Well, it's very simple when you find an ad that works instead of skipping, the ad you're, probably going to see some ads on this video don't skip it right, click on it do stats for nerds, and then what you want to do is grab this thing right here and just put it at the end of any equal sign on a youtube link. Then what would happen is now you have that youtube link, an unlisted video that you could watch later now. What you want to do is when you see an ad that works open up in a new tab play it write down all of the words that they essentially say.

For example, a video got a bunch of views- and all you have to do- is find the products that you want to send l, go to their like affiliate page by just grabbing it. You know, like anything, dot com forward, slash affiliates from you know the Clickbank offers, and just plug and play the words that they tell you to use with that script. Now the moment you have that script, you upload it onto, where you use ai robots to go ahead and make the voice sound a little bit more real right? That's how the voices were made here and then you throw them up on, where it turns the text to video, and just like that, literally within several minutes, you have a video ad that you could already start selling and making money with. You have a product that you could already start selling without you having to do the shipping handling customer service without you having to spend a single dollar of inventory, and at that point, all you have to do is just scale and grow and for all these newbie beginners they were able to do it from like five to eight weeks. They're able to do it because of this method, and if you want to know exactly what they did step by step, then make sure you sign up for this week's free workshop below check out this video on this podcast right here. I'll see you guys later,

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