mailchimp vs sendgrid

Mailchimp vs Sendgrid
Mailchimp versus send grid. Now, this video is going to be a quick comparison. I'm going to show you everything that you need to know about these two platforms, which one is better some of the reviews on how people are finding this.

The main differences between these and also the pricing, so if you are interested in potentially buying or switching to one of these platforms, then keep watching as this is going to be the most valuable video you ever watch. Okay. So if we just jump right into this now, the first thing that I want to address is what I've seen on quite a lot of videos, and even on some reviews is that people are saying if I go here to send grid these reviews, 1.2 stars out of 5 and a lot of people in here are saying like that they close that account like look at all these bad reviews like centigrade, it doesn't look the best 1.2 stars like 78 76. Sorry, a one-star review, is not great. It's like really really not good. Now, with that being said, if we pull up Mailchimp, you can see 1.4 stars, so both of these emails, and email software, we can see they don't have fantastic reviews and what I would say is from the other reviews. I have seen on SendGthat rid people are like saying the same thing like it's terrible. They are closing people's accounts, so don't use centigrade. That is what people are saying now. I have never personally liked used. I created an account just to have a look around, still works and I guess it was okay with Mailchimp, even though they have bad reviews like 1.4, stars I would say honestly. This is a little bit misleading now. The reason for this is that I used Mailchimp in my business for a year, and it was fine like it. It worked very, very well um. It sent my emails out on time. I was able to see all of the analytics and things like this, and you know what it worked very very well. So out of these two, I would honestly say: go with Mailchimp, just because I know that it works the best and from what people are saying on send grid this is not the best, it is not so that is what I would go with now with that being said guys, we can take a look at the pricing for both of these, and you know what guys this is, what I would maybe say, try out, send grid they have a free trial right here.

Try it out integrate fast and explore features with 100 emails a day. Forever this is better than the Mailchimp free trial. The MailChimp free trial allows you to send 2500 emails a month, so slightly less than cents grid allows you to send 500 maximum contacts, whereas Mailchimp doesn't have one.

So if you do want to get send grid even after looking at these reviews, then definitely go with the free trial and see how you like it, but I mean in terms of pricing, which one do you need? First of all, essentials, pro or premiere. You just need to go with essentials unless you are super into email marketing, and you need this to be advanced. You need dedicated IPs, sub-user management, email, validations, and things like that, that's when you can upgrade, but as a beginner, just go with essentials same Mailchimp go with essentials, don't need standard, because other things are a bit more advanced, but just with the basic email software all you need is essentials also, another thing I will say is the way they are calculated is different, so with Mailchimp, the main way that it's priced is based on the contact and they do have a monthly email sending limit now over here for send grid. It is mainly calculated on how many emails you send per month. So if we just use this and say you want to send 50 000 emails per month, you can do this for 19.

5 or 20, whereas on Mailchimp, if you want to send 50 000 emails per month, that is 59 so send grid is a lot cheaper, but you can even bump up to like 100 000 emails right here and pay 35 a month. If you want to send 35 or 100 000 emails, I should say on Mailchimp, it's 87. So it's a lot more expensive for Mailchimp, but what I would say with these guys is, is, if you go with Mailchimp, yes, their customer support, sucks and I'm not going to sit here and say that it doesn't like that is what all of these reviews are about. Terrible customer service, terrible customer service support, and the customer service bad. That is all they are saying about. Mailchimp, but I know from personal experience. The platform works great with SendGrid people are just saying: the entire app is dead. Look no email, deliverability is terrible. Even when you're trying to upgrade your plan, there don't reply but have terrible support. The worst company ever switched off and suspended my email, as people are just saying. The entire thing with sending the entire send grid platform is bad. On MailChimp people are just saying the customer support is bad, so that is what I would go for, even though you're going to play a pair quite a fair amount, more I would say it's worth it like 87 per month for 10 000 contacts and a hundred thousand emails like even if you're half decent at email marketing, you can probably make like 5k 5 000 per month off a list like this, so I would say it is worth it to appear a little bit more for Mailchimp I

would say, like don't sign up to send grid, go for Mailchimp 100, but guys that were a quick comparison between Mailchimp and send grid now, if you learned something from this video or you found it valuable in some way, don't forget to smash that like button and tap that subscribe button and until next time guys take it easy

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