not willing to be left by his master to die, this dog does this...😭

  As if he didn't want his owner to die, this dog keep rolling his body on the ground, wanting to dig graves and meet his teacher again.

A touching video recently caught the public's attention. The reason is, video shows a portrait of a dog who could not be left by his owner and died.

As seen at the moment uploaded by the wandapanggabean TikTok account, it appears that a dog wearing clothes is in a grave that is none other than the grave of its owner.

The dog looked so sad and unwilling when his master was buried.

He even stretched his body on the ground, as he wanted to dig a grave and meet his employer again.

Suddenly, the upload immediately invited various responses from netizens and was watched more than 2.5 million times.

Video: TikTok/wandapanggabean

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