Apparently Here's How to Fill Water Tanks in Trains, Curious No More!

 Have you ever thought, about where the water used for toilets on trains comes from? So, to keep the journey smooth, it turns out that the train will stop at several stations to fill the water tank and pick up food.

One of the stations chosen to carry out this task is Cirebon and Purwokerto Stations. While at these two stations, the train will fill the water tank, take food, and remove trash from inside the train.

The whole process will take between 10-15 minutes. The water tank is filled at the departure station. Each series of long-distance trains requires around 1,200 liters of clean water.

There are four to six officers who will walk on a series of trains. They will work in pairs. "Yes, it is filled to the brim. Filling to the brim takes place at predetermined stations," said the officer while pulling the water hose.

For example, for a trip to Yogyakarta from the station

Gambir, which covers a distance of more than 500 km, the train will stop at Cirebon Station and Kroya Station, Purwokerto.

So you already know where the water in the train comes from, right?

Don't be curious anymore!


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